10 SUVs modified to be EXPEDITION-ready!

In the recent few years, we have seen that the number of people who explore with their vehicle is on the rise. There are many who spend a good fortune on their SUVs to make them more capable and touring friendly. We bring you ten such vehicles modified in India that should be on the wishlist of every expedition enthusiast.

Mahindra Thar

Mahindra Thar2

Thar is one of the favourite vehicles of the rough road tourers. Seen here is a Thar modified by The Transporter shows how a Mahindra Thar can be used to its full potential. The Thar seen here gets an external roll cage to make it stronger. There is other off-road friendly equipment like Maxxis Bighorn MT tyres on steel rims, snorkel, customised front bumper with winch, custom rear bumper and tow hook.

To make it go long distance, the vehicle also gets Jerry can holders on the rear. There are upgraded leaf suspension, front facing bench cum bed, roof-top tent and upgraded music system. The vehicle has been modified to get 8-inch LED bars, 7-inch LED fog lamps and a 4-feet flag antenna.

Mahindra Thar

Renault Duster

Renault Duster

The Renault Duster is one of the most comfortable vehicles in the affordable 4WD segment. The Duster here is the pre-facelift model that has been modified thoroughly. The Duster gets a metallic snorkel to increase its water wading depth. The vehicle also gets a custom paint job.

Renault Duster2

There is a roof rack which holds auxiliary LED lamps. There are more lights installed on the grille of the vehicle. The grille has been painted black along with the logo. The Duster also gets after-market alloy wheels that are sturdier than the original one.

Isuzu V-Cross


The Isuzu V-Cross is changing the way India looks at lifestyle vehicles. The pick-up truck has become one of the first choices of many buyers. A brand called XS Overland has modified this V-Cross to its full potential. The vehicle gets a hardcover for the flatbed. There are customised front and rear off-road spec bumpers on the vehicle.


The V-Cross also gets auxiliary lamps mounted on the bullbar and LED lamps on the roof-top. The gets a roof carrier and roof top tent alongwith an open tent. There is also a place to rack up Jerry cans on the roof carrier.

Scorpio Getaway

Scorpio Getaway

The Scorpio Getaway is a value for money pick-up. This Getaway belongs to the celebrity Gul Panag and was modified by Sarbloh Customs. The Scorpio Getaway gets off-road bumpers and a metal skid plate. The tyres have been upgraded along with the rims to take on hardcore off-roading.

Scorpio Getaway1

The Scorpio Getaway also gets a snorkel to make it more capable. There are auxiliary lamps on the roof and on the front. The expedition ready Scorpio Getaway also gets a roof-mounted tent and a chemical toilet that makes things much more convenient while exploring the unknown.

Mahindra Bolero


The affordable, capable and rugged 4X4 Mahindra Bolero is often overlooked. A Bolero has been modified to become an ultimate touring machine. The vehicle gets a rooftop tent with space for 4 adults. The Bolero also gets an external roll cage and many custom bits like bonnet and front bumper.


There is also a snorkel installed on the vehicle. The Bolero also gets roof mounted lamps. This is easily the most extreme Bolero that you will ever come across.

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