10 Tastefully Modified Yamaha RX Motorcycles

The Yamaha RX100 is a legend among motorcycle circles, and its successors such as the RXG, RX135 and the RX-Z had their own legions of fans as well. While two stroke engined motorcycles are no longer being sold in India, the older bikes are being imagined by loyalists. With the sheer number of the Yamaha RX badged motorcycles sold here, these bikes have been at the forefront of the modder’s circuit. We bring you 10 such tastefully modified Yamaha RX motorcycles.

Iron Soul Machines’ Yamaha RX135 based cafe racer custom

Iron Soul Machines' Pardus Yamaha RX135 Cafe Racer Custom 2

[Images courtesy Iron Soul Machines on Facebook]

Here’s a cafe racer custom put together by Iron Soul Machines, a motorcycle customization outfit based out of the Punjab. The RX135 in question is called the Pardus after the custom job. A sharp looking cafe racer, the custom bike if finished in matte black and orange.

Yamaha RX100 based scrambler custom

Yamaha RX100 Scrambler Custom 1

[Images courtesy Eshaan Girii on Flickr]

This has to be one of the most tastefully done scrambler custom based on a Yamaha RX100. A custom fuel tank, a lovely tricolour paint job, weight reduction, a seat fit for two, monoshock suspension at the rear, and a custom megaphone exhaust are few of the details on this lovely looker.

Bambukaat Motorcycle Customs’ Bakki RX135 based cafe racer custom

Bambukaat Yamaha RX135 based cafe racer 2

[Images courtesy Bambukaat Motorcycle Customs on Facebook]

Bambukaat Motorcycle Customs have come up with a cafe racer custom based on the Yamaha RX135. This motorcycle, dubbed the Bakki, is a minimalist machine with custom body work. The tank is custom built while the stock frame is retained. The exhaust now exits from underneath the seat.

Bombay Custom Works’ Yamaha RX135 based cafe racer custom

Bombay Custom Works' Yamaha RX135 Cafe Racer 1

[Images courtesy Bombay Custom Works on Facebook]

Bombay Custom Works, known for taking everyday motorcycles, and giving them a custom twist, have worked their magic on the Yamaha RX135. A lovely looking cafe racer is the result. The motorcycle is instantly recognizable as an RX135 courtesy its fuel tank, but has enough trick bits to make it look very unique.

Bull City Customs’ Yamaha RX135 Cafe Racer

Bull City Customs' Yamaha RX135 cafe racer 4

[Images courtesy Bull City Customs on Facebook]

Bull City Customs has built a very unique looking Yamaha RX135 based cafe racer. This custom build’s claim to fame is the unfinished look and feel it exudes. This is intentional. The idea was to give the motorcycle a rugged countenance, and Bull City Customs have pulled it off in style.

Nitro.1000 Bhp’s Yamaha RXG Scrambler

Nitro 1000.bhp's Yamaha RXG Scrambler 1

[Images courtesy xBHP]

A Yamaha RXG has got a new lease of life in the form of Nitro.1000 Bhp’s Scrambler custom. the motorcycle has been purpose built to be an everyday machine. A mildly ported head, custom expansion chamber, long travel suspension with a monoshock rear, and a disc brake up front are some of the changes on this machine.

Madras Cafe Racer from Nizcita

[Images courtesy NizcitaDesign on Facebook]

Nizcita, a design firm from Chennai, has built the Madras Cafe Racer, a custom motorcycle based on the Yamaha RX135. The Madras Cafe Racer does have RX135 lines all over it with the real highlights of the design in the paint job, and in the detailing that has gone into it.

Yamaha RX-Z based cafe racer

Yamaha RX-Z Cafe Racer Custom

[Image courtesy MotoMalaya]

Here is a Yamaha RX-Z that has been customized to become a cafe racer. The sporty RX-Z fits right in, and this custom job from Malaysia is a classy effort. As is the case with most cafe racers, keeping the weight low is the cornerstone of this build.

RTM Design’s RX Dirt Tracker

RTM Design's Yamaha RX100 Dirt Tracker 4

RTM Design has built a dirt tracker based on the Yamaha RX100. The motorcycle retains the frame and stock suspension, but sheds plenty of weight and is transformed into a single seater. Custom body work and an orange paint job wrap up the build.

IRONic Engineering’s Yamaha RX100 Cafe Racer

IRONic Engineering's Yamaha RX100 Cafe Racer 2

[Images courtesy IRONic Engineering on Facebook]

IRONic Engineering of Hyderabad has conjured up this beautiful cafe racer design based on the Yamaha RX100. The build gets an engine fairing, clip on handlebars set low, a custom exhaust, and custom bodywork.