10 things you CANNOT do in a supercar in India that you can do in a regular car!

Supercars are a work of art as they are on the top of the chai of technology that can be offered in cars. Every automobile enthusiast’s dream of the day, on which he/she will magically own a supercar, even though they realize it’s a farfetched dream and not so easily procured. Some of the enthusiasts also withdraw themselves from the dream as its not practically possible to maintain a supercar in our country, even if they are fully prepared to burn a really deep hole in their pockets. Let’s look at 10 such reasons, that crosses your mind while imagining to own one of these beautiful machines.

Take speed breakers lightly anymore

Speed breakers are a problem for normal cars only, let alone supercars. A lot of international cars are offered with higher ground clearance, cause they have to be driven around in India. The speed breaker network in India is highly unorganized and distorted and comes out of nowhere. The height of the speed breakers is also varying, hence it becomes even more dangerous. It’s quite common for the underbelly of the supercars to be extremely damaged due to these speed breakers.

Use even 10% of the power on public roads

India is known to be densely populated and the movement from rural to urban and thereafter the urban to have a high purchasing power has led to a rise in the sale of cars, therefore overcrowding the roads. The terms like “rush-hour” or “office-hours” were coined because of this reason. Now, imagine having to drive your supercars on such roads. You’d feel completely frustrated, being able to use a maximum 10% of your car’s actual power. Most of these high-end supercars come with a 500+ Bhp engine and are rarely fortunate enough to exhaust it to the full potential in the limited racetracks in India.

Park in peace

It’s obvious that once on public roads, your supercar is bound to catch a lot of eyeballs, some due to their unique designs, their sounds or just curiosity to just see who’s in it. Parking your car in a public spot can be a huge risk. Onlookers and mischief makers might want to take a closer look and even fiddle with the car and leave scratches under a worst-case scenario. Now we know why we don’t see a lot of supercars parked casually just anywhere.

Be discreet in traffic

We need to understand, like said before that your supercar is bound to get attract a lot more attention than you can imagine. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the pool of a billion cars, it will still stand out. The issue that you might face because of this is that the car will be clicked by random onlookers, or cars passing by would come too close to examine it. It’s normal for supercars to be challenged by other cars for a race which should be avoided as it can cause accidents.

Be alone

With the rise in people crazy about posting pictures on social media, to show a much-elevated way of life, don’t be surprised by random people coming to your car and wanting to get a picture clicked with it. It’s even not unusual to have a whole mob of people surrounding your car and even blocking your way, just cause they want to feed their fascination of being too close to something they can’t own. We have even seen traffic police, posing with such cars.

Fill from any fuel station

Supercars come with the most evolved technology and hence a much more advanced engine compared to regular luxury cars. You’ve to be cautious of what goes inside your supercar, as low-grade or inferior quality fuel can destroy the engine and in some cases, seize it too. All fuel pumps in India, can’t ensure good quality fuels at their stations. Hence, it is imperative for the supercar owner to fix a fuel pump, or know various such fuel pumps around them. They need high-quality fuel as well as premium fuel coupled with a high octane number. We can’t treat it like a normal car where it’s okay when the fuel indicator is moving towards nil.

Can take the car without doing homework

Regular Indian car owners have the luxury to take their cars anywhere and everywhere, with the help of maps which helps them to ascertain to a certain level the condition of the road live and to avoid the roads where there is slow-moving traffic. When you own a supercar, you are not allowed to have any sort of dependencies on the map alone. It is advised that you only take your supercar to roads where you’ve already travelled or known the condition of the road from someone you trust. It will be a huge problem if your supercar gets stuck somewhere due to potholes, or uneven roads or even some technical issue.

Get away from the cops

Yes, you’ve made minor offences while driving and got away with absolutely no notice from the cops. That’s only because you were not driving a supercar. The Indian Traffic Police has a special radar for such flashy cars. They don’t shy away from stopping you, even if they have the slightest doubt, they could hold you responsible for something. They often see checking the papers for any irregularity there. It could also be a chance for them to give your beautiful machine a nice glance to see what’s actually in there.

Can’t get the car repaired quickly

Audi R8 Roadside Garage

None of the supercars that we see on the roads is manufactured in the country. Due to such less supply, there are not enough places where you could get your supercar repaired if it gets into a crash or any other sort of damage. The high taxes on supercars and also their spare parts means that the procurement is only need-based, hence nothing is readily available. All the parts are imported. Owing to this, not only the repair will burn a huge hole in your anyway deep pockets, but the process will be really long and tedious.

Can’t take the car to dad’s mechanic in emergency

We’ve covered how the supercars come with complicated engines and high-end mechanisms which means that not even the most trusted car mechanic you’ve known, would have the knowledge to fix it. Even in emergencies, it’s better to wait out for the right kind of help you need and not go to the next mechanic you come across, as the stakes are too high. Major damages caused by someone who doesn’t understand the car can take a lot of time, money and effort to be fixed.