10 things even the laziest car owner must check

While we are a bunch of enthusiasts who are extremely finicky about making sure our car is in top nick, there are people out there who don’t really care much. This one is for them. Here are 10 things you should make sure you keep an eye on:


10 things even the laziest car owner must check

The tyres are the only contact point between you and the road. Most people don’t give much importance to the tyres. The things that need to kept in mind about tyres are that they need to properly inflated at all times. Most cars have a sticker in the fuel cap or on the door sill which has information on what tyre pressures are to be maintained. Make sure you stick to them.

In addition to this, check for tyre tread. Driving a car with bald tyres is dangerous as it could cause you to lose control or aquaplane. In addition to this, you need to make sure that there are no cuts, cracks or boils on the tyre. Wheel balancing and alignment should be checked every few thousand kilometers to prevent uneven tyre wear and for ease of driving.

Engine oil

10 things even the laziest car owner must check

The engine oil is a very important component of the engine. It helps to cool the engine, reduce friction between the metallic parts and makes sure that the system remains clean. What people don’t know is that the engine oil too has a life and that it needs to be replaced every year (or what ever is the service interval) irrespective of whether the car has been used or not. Also, keep an eye on the engine oil level to make sure you don’t run out of it and get stranded. The engine oil level can be checked by removing the dipstick and seeing the level on it.

Brake condition

10 things even the laziest car owner must check

We don’t need to tell you why these are important right? There are a few tell-tale signs that the brakes are not okay. If you hear a grinding noise while braking or a squeal, it means that your brake pads could be getting over and that you should be changing them. Seeing the amount of brake pad left is very easy if you have alloy wheels with less spokes. All you need to do is look inside the caliper and see how much material is left on the pad.

Also check the brake fluid level to make sure that it isn’t low. You can find it in a reservoir in the engine bay. If you have low brake fluid, your brakes won’t be able to generate pressure to slow your car down.


10 things even the laziest car owner must check

This is something most people in India don’t bother about. You see a lot of vehicles running without working headlamps, tail lamps, braking lamps, indicator lamps or even reverse lamps. While this may seem like saving a few bucks for you, it could put you in a lot of risk. Lights are meant to increase your visibility while driving and to make sure that you are visible to other road users. If your lights aren’t working, that means that either your visibility will be low, you won’t be visibile to other road users or both. Make sure that all lights are functioning properly.

Windshield washer fluid

10 things even the laziest car owner must check

This is the easy check. While you may not use the windshield washer often, it is necessary that you keep it topped up. Having a clean windscreen is very important to reduce strain on the eyes of the driver while driving and to make sure he has enough visibility to see the road ahead clearly. While using the wiper fluid, keep an eye on the wiper blades. If they are leaving behind streaks, chances are they need to be replaced too.

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