10 things NO ONE tells you about owning a superbike in India

A superbike may seem out of reach for many because of their steep prices, but they are much more accessible than many high-end cars. Making a superbike dream come true is easier than you thought! However, there are some crucial things you should know about owning a superbike in India before making a purchase decision. Let’s take a look.

Extreme heat

Superbikes need constant air flow to dissipate the heat. Indian traffic conditions ensure that it does not happen and people who ride superbikes have to go through extreme heat emitted by the engine. The engine of any bike is much closer to the rider when compared to cars. Even regular bikes emit heat but due to the small engine size, the effect is not noticed by many. Superbikes, however, can be unforgiving in crawling traffic.


Superbikes are much heavier than regular motorcycles and have an extremely aggressive riding position. At slow speeds, it can be extremely daunting for the rider to keep the superbike in a straight line on traffic-congested roads. This is the reason why most super bikers can only be seen early in the morning or late at night.


Superbikes use extremely sophisticated engines that work under a lot of stress. The fast-moving parts that move under a high compression need a good quality of fuel. While most of these superbikes use 95 RON fuel, which is not available in India. The next best available fuel is 97 Octane but that too has limited availability throughout the country. Using lower quality fuel can cause knocking and the superbike owners have to rely on octane boosters to get the best result out of the bike.


Superbikes use soft compound tyres to ensure maximum grip from the road. The tyres ensure that all the power transfers to the ground without any wheelspin. However, such grippy tyres have a life of around 10,000 km only and the replacements are quite expensive. Also, due to the lower number of superbikes in India, only a few will have the specific tyre size that you will need.

Parking is not easy

While parking any shiny automobile in India can be extremely attention-grabbing and there are possibilities of a mob getting around it, super bikers face extreme problems. Finding a safe parking can be extremely difficult in India. People generally try to sit on the bike and get their pictures clicked and a few times, the bike falls down. It is not safe to park a superbike in a public parking in India.

A few practical litre-class bikes

The Indian road condition needs special requirements. The pothole-filled roads, extreme dust and challenging road surfaces can prove to be extreme for the superbikes. However, there are other litre-class bikes like Adventure motorcycles like the Triumph Tiger, Ducati Multistrada, BMW RGS series and more that can perfectly fit the Indian roads. Even bikes like the Triumph Bonneville and the Harley-Davidson Street 750 can be quite practical for the Indian conditions.

Riding Gear

There have been instances where a superbiker has been spotted in plain slippers and riding without a helmet. Accidents can happen on any bike and the safety gears are extremely important for every two-wheeler rider out there. However, due to the extreme power of the superbikes, it is important to invest in a good helmet, boots, gloves, jacket and riding pants. It is important to save yourself in an unexpected event. Always be ready with the safety gears in place.

Good riding skills

Superbikes are powerful machines and need a lot of skill to use them properly. Sure, one can use 20% of the power and be happy about it. However, superbikes are much more fun if one knows how to control them properly. Managing and using the power is all the skills that one needs. In India, there are a few schools that can give you all these skills. One such school is IndiMotard Two where one can hone their superbiking skills while the internationally acclaimed California Superbike School takes place twice a year in India.

Unwanted attention

Sure, superbikes attract attention but there are people who will chase you and would want to click pictures and ask questions like “How much” and “Kitna deti hai?”. These are the ones you should be careful off while on the road. Many accidents happen in this way.


Such high-performance machines are not easy or affordable to maintain. Even though a few superbikes are assembled in India, all the spare parts are imported and they take a lot of time and money to arrive. Also, due to the dusty Indian conditions, superbikes in India have a shorter service period, which needs more money. Also, if any of the critical parts fail, it may take days or even weeks to get the replacement part from another country. And if a bike crashes, the repair bills can burn a deep hole in the pocket. If you want an easy life, always stick to the brands that have a bigger presence in India like Suzuki, Triumph and even Harley-Davidson.