10 things NOBODY tells you about owning a supercar in India

Owning a supercar is a dream that all enthusiasts see. The looks, the speed, the sound and the experience of being behind the wheel is irreplaceable. While this is a dream most people will not be able to fulfill, a lucky few do get a chance to own such beauties. Owning a supercar is a very tough task, keeping aside the price you pay to buy one. Here are 10 things no one tells you about owning a supercar:


This is one thing which is very obvious. A supercar is something that gets a lot of attention. Now this is not a good thing all the time. Yes, you do want to be noticed when you buy a car like that, but there is a limit to that. Having a supercar grabs a lot of eyeballs and you eventually will get irritated with people coming close or trying to egg you on to go faster.

Ground clearance

Another obvious thing is ground clearance. Yes, most cars do come with a nose lift kit as an option but not all our speedbreakers are easily crossable. Also, going up a drive way or an incline will also be tough due to the approach and departure angle of the cars. It is thus necessary to shortlist a few roads where you can easily drive and drive them there to ensure peace of mind.


10 things NOBODY tells you about owning a supercar in India

This is something that not many people know. Unlike a normal car which can have its parts easily repaired, the same is not the case with a supercar. Most of them have intricate materials that are used in the chassis and the body panels, which cannot be easily repaired. Not only that, parts are massively expensive and time consuming. Repairing a normal fender bender could see your car taken away from you for a few months.


10 things NOBODY tells you about owning a supercar in India

Visibility is something that is a huge concern for a supercar. You sit very low and there are massive blind spots. Not only that, they aren’t very ergonomic either, given the lack of rear visibility. Thus driving the car in traffic will be a pain with people trying to cut here and there. You also need to realize that being so low slung, you may not be visible to people in SUVs either so they may not even see that you are lurking behind.

Service costs

10 things NOBODY tells you about owning a supercar in India

Every car needs a service, atleast once a year. Supercars too need to be pampered, especially given our road conditions. Each service in such a vehicle will set you back by close to a lakh atleast, depending upon what vehicle it is. Be ready to shell out a lot in maintenance if you are buying a supercar.

Service time

10 things NOBODY tells you about owning a supercar in India

It just isn’t the cost of spares or the service, it is the time as well. While most cars take a day or maximum two for a general service, a service on a supercar can easily set you back by a few days. Even wear and tear parts like brake pads could take a few days to get. When you own such a car, you will have to keep such stuff in mind.

Expensive tyres

10 things NOBODY tells you about owning a supercar in India

Tyres are something that most people have to change only after 30-40k kms. However that is not the case in a supercar. Since they are made up of softer compounds for better handling, they wear at a quicker rate too. If you drive aggressively or put your car on a track, tyres are something that will wear out real quick. Finding replacement OE tyres are an expensive affair and is something that will take time too.

While you can find alternatives for tyres in your regular car, finding an alternative tyre of your car’s particular size in the aftermarket lot is not an easy task. Unlike other things that you can privately import, tyres are something which cannot be privately imported and hence you will have to make do with whatever you are getting in the country.


10 things NOBODY tells you about owning a supercar in India

Fuel quality is one thing that is very poor in our country. Supercars need high octane fuel in order to run properly. 97 octane is the highest grade of fuel that is available in India and that too at select pumps only. Most of the supercars cannot run on normal petrol or even speed. You will need to use octane boosters also. Filling lower octane fuel will kill performance and reduce the lift of the engine too. Thus it is very necessary to use the best possible fuel with octane boosters to make sure your car stays in the best of health.

Power use?

10 things NOBODY tells you about owning a supercar in India

Having 400 Bhp is a good feeling, but where do you put it down? Our country doesn’t have the best infrastructure to unleash such beasts. Our roads are dusty and don’t have a smooth surface. Putting the power down in such cases is a scary thought. Yes, we do have tracks and there are events organized where you can experience your car to the max. Even though you have the power, you will not be able to put it down on public roads.


As an enthusiast, parking any car requires a lot of tick marks on the checklist. You make sure that there is enough space between the parked cars, make sure that the space is safe enough and there is less chance of any damage that will happen to your car when parked. This amplifies multifold when you have a supercar. Why? People will want to click a picture with the car and examine it up close. This will result in people touching it and in some cases, even sitting on the car which is heartbreaking. You may want to get yourself a guard or a driver who will guard the vehicle in your absence to make sure no one does anything wrong to it in your absence.

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