10 things you CANNOT do in a supercar in India that you can do in a regular car!

Supercars are the elitist category of cars and are at the pinnacle of the automotive technology cycle. A wet dream of every car enthusiast, having a supercar in the garage is probably one of the best things to happen to somebody. However, owning a supercar in India means that you encounter a few hurdles including the super expensive price tags and high taxes that are levied on them. Let’s find out what are the things that you can do in a regular car but cannot do in a supercar.

Take speed breakers lightly anymore

Speed breakers come in all shapes and sizes in our country. For the same, a lot of international cars are offered with enhanced ground clearance in India. The low slung stance of supercars means that the car almost kisses the ground which makes it a task for their drivers to drive through irregular speed breakers. There have been numerous cases where supercar owners have damaged the underbelly of their rides due to irregularly shaped speed breakers

Use even 10% of the power on public roads

Heavy traffic and jams are regular features of our roads. While most of us have got accustomed to heavy traffic, the creates problems for supercars as they come with high-powered engines that cannot be utilized properly on such roads. Most supercars are powered by 500+ Bhp engines but they rarely get the chance to utilize the power properly. The select number of racetracks in the country does not help the condition either.

Park in peace

With their eye-catchy design and wild exhaust sound, supercars attract a lot of attention in public. They can’t be parked like a regular car and most of the time, curious onlookers come and fiddle with the fancy-looking car, leaving scratches on it in the worst-case scenario. Now you know why a lot of supercars are not seen in public parking lots.

Be discreet in traffic

Naah, you can’t stay discreet in traffic if you are driving a supercar. Even though our roads are literally filled with cars, supercars are quite rare and hence they attract attention like a heat-seeking missile on its target. Other road users try to click pictures and drive dangerously close to supercars and in a few cases, supercars were openly challenged for road races which can cause accidents.

Be alone

Who wouldn’t want to have their social media profile blessed with a picture in which they pose with a supercar? For the same, pedestrians often come with a smiling face to get their pictures clicked with supercars. Sometimes, people gather like a flash mob and block the car in the process. Even traffic cops have been seen posing with supercars.

Choose any fuel station

Supercars use highly complicated engines to  turn fuel into power. Using low-grade or adulterated fuel can cause the engine to conk off and seize too. All Indian fuel pumps are not known for their fuel quality. It is important for supercar owners to find reliable fuel stations where they can find high-quality fuel as well as premium fuel with a high octane number. Owning a supercar is not as easy as owning a regular car when the fuel indicator is closer to the bottom.

Can take the car without doing homework

While regular owners use map services and check out traffic conditions before setting their course, supercar owners have to ensure that the roads are good enough to suit their cars. It is quite impossible for supercar owners to take their vehicles to an unknown road without physically checking it or getting it checked by someone. It will be quite a scene if a supercar gets stuck on a big speed breaker or a deep pothole and we do not see them happening often in India.

Get away from the cops

Supercars receive special attention from the cops too. Usually, cops overlook minute offences committed by regular car drivers but the same is not the case with supercars and their drivers. Cops tend to put supercars under a magnifying glass. They often stop supercars to check papers and doing so also gives them a chance to get a closer look at the supercars.

Can get the car repaired quickly

Since no supercar is manufactured in India currently, there are not many options to get them repaired. Also, the high tax impositions on supercars and their spare parts mean that there is almost zero stock of the spare parts available at hand. Therefore, if a supercar breaks or gets involved in a crash, the parts need to be imported from the factory on order. The process is long and tedious which means that supercars may take months to be fixed and ready for the roads again.

Can take the car to dad’s mechanic in emergency

The complexity of supercars means that they can’t be taken to just another garage, no matter if its the old ‘trusted by your dad’ garage. The roadside mechanics are of no use if a supercar breaks down, which means the regular service station support can be hours away.