10 MINDBLOWING things that make a Rolls Royce cost 10 crores or more

Rolls Royce is a brand that needs no introduction. Their cars are the epitome of luxury. Here are 10 facts that are less known and make the car so expensive.

Built to last


Rolls Royce has been building cars for a while now. Even then, roughly 65% of the Rolls Royce that have ever been built are still on the road today. This is a testament to how long lasting the cars are. Also, owners are so proud of their vehicles that they want to keep them and continue using them.

Attention to detail

rolls attention

Have you ever seen a Rolls Royce drive by? If you have and have paid attention to the wheels, you would have noticed that the RR badge in the wheel cap always stays upright at all times. It does not rotate with the wheel, like those on other cars. This is a really cool feature and you will find it on every Rolls Royce. Next time you see a Rolls Royce, do look at the rims and you will know what we are talking about.


rolls custom paint

Rolls Royce engineers know how to provide comfort to the passengers. Road noise and other sounds is what makes a journey tiring. The Rolls engineers have designed their cars in such a way that they are extremely silent. There is a saying that at 100 kmph (60 miles/hr), the loudest noise in the Rolls comes from the clock on the dashboard.

Truly hand made


Rolls Royce only has 4 robots in the whole factory, two of which are used to apply a primer coat to the car. This means that most of the work is done by hand and hence the exclusivity of the car. If you opt for a pinstripe on most cars, they put in a sticker and give it you. But that is not the case in a Rolls. A pinstripe is painted on the car using a brush made up of squirrels hair. The whole process is done by only one person and takes about 3 hours to do from start to finish.

Only finest materials go into making a Rolls


Only the best materials are used to build a Rolls. To begin with, only bull hide is used and not cow hide. The reason behind that being the cow, on giving birth receives stretch marks which are something Rolls Royce doesn’t want on their hide. So only bull hide is used. A total of 17 days is that it takes to complete the interiors of a single car and that takes 11 bull hides. Also, all the wood veneer in the car is stored in humidified chambers so that they don’t crack. The veneer is placed on velvet sheets while it is being worked on so that they don’t get scratched. This is the attention to detail given to the materials that is going inside each Rolls.