10 things that make the TVS Apache RR 310 the most advanced bike in its segment

TVS launched the all-new Apache RR310S earlier this month. The Apache RR310S is the new flagship of the company and has been developed jointly with BMW. The bike is quite tech-laden, and here are the 10 things that make it the most advanced bike in its segment.

Reverse inclined engine

The bike gets reversed inclined engine that is tilted towards the back. This allows the swingarm to be longer without affecting the wheelbase of the bike. The longer swingarm provides greater stability to the bike while the shorter wheelbase makes it a very agile. The reversed inclined engine makes it quite advanced.

The engine itself

The exhaust port of the engine has been designed in a way that it emerges from the rear. It helps the exhaust to be shorter in length and makes the engine emission compliant. The shorter exhaust heats up the catalytic converter quicker, which makes it cleaner. The engine is also 8% more volumetric efficiency, and the crankcase is horizontally split up.

Most aerodynamic

The TVS Apache RR310 has spent over 300 hours in the wind tunnel to give it an extremely aerodynamic body. The drag coefficient comes to only 0.26, which is best in class. It allows the bike to be quick and provide better fuel efficiency too.

Hollow hubs

The alloy wheels have a hollow hub. It means that the central part of the alloy wheels is empty. It allows the bike to be lighter in weight and in turn, makes it quicker off the mark. The lighter wheels also increase the fuel efficiency.

The tyres

The Apache RR310 gets the Michelin Pilot Street tyres. The tyres have been co-developed by Michelin and TVS for the track-spec bike and provide optimum feedback and handling to the rider. The tyres are not soft compound so they have a regular life but provide better grip than the regular tyres.

Switchgear modules

The switchgear modules are completely sealed and use contactless switches. This makes them waterproof, and the contactless switches mean lesser wear and tear and a much longer life than regular switches. The contactless switches also have a better feel and feedback.

Disc Brake

The Apache RR310 gets petal disc brakes on both the wheels. The front disc brake is of 300mm and gets Bybre four-piston calliper. The petal disc helps in keeping the disc temperature cool while the four-piston calliper helps in bringing the bike to stop quicker.


TVS has designed the ABS to be least intrusive. The dual-channel ABS only kicks in whenever it is absolutely needed. This proves to be a good experience for the people who do not like the ABS kicking in too early during hard braking situations. The ABS cannot be disengaged though.


The Apache RR310 shares its suspension components with the BMW G 310R. The suspension is tuned for daily road use and also track specific riding. The front suspension is a 41mm upside-down cartridge fork while the rear is a preloaded adjustable gas assisted monoshock. Both the suspension are from Kayaba.

8-plate clutch

The new Apache RR 310S uses a 6-speed transmission. To transfer the power the transmission, TVS uses an 8-plate wet clutch system. The extra number plates provide a more accurate biting point that is expected in the track-focussed bikes. Most bikes in the segment use a 6-plate wet clutch system.