10 things that separates Car PROs from ordinary drivers

There are a few things that separate a pro driver from an amateur one. Here are 10 such things.

Maintaining middle lane of a 3 laned highway


This is very important, especially in India. Why? Because there are a lot of unwanted obstacles that may turn up on the sides. There maybe unmarked turns or people trying to join in onto the highway. Most of these people tend to either join on the fast lane or the slow lane.

Driving in the middle lane should thus help you keep consistent progress. We would still recommend slowing down at every junction even if on the middle lane since people can generally dart out of no where.

Maintaining constant cruising speeds on highway


Seeing the open road ahead is a very tempting feeling. It makes you feel that you can go pedal to the metal since there is no traffic. But there is a catch. Driving very fast requires a lot of concentration, which means you will get more fatigued. Also, driving fast means you will have to slow down more for obstacles which could have been avoided if speed was lower.

Maintaining a constant speed helps to keep the driver relaxed as well as more enjoyable.

Filling up cold tyres

Tyre Pressure

Maintaining correct air pressure in the the tyres is very important. It helps increase fuel economy and also keep you safe. But did you know that the correct time to fill up air is when the tyres are cold?

By cold tyres we mean those that haven’t run much. As the tyre heats up, the readings vary as well. A hot tyre means the air inside the tyre is hot. As we know, hot air expands. So if you fill a hot tyre, you will reach the desired air pressure much quicker since the air expands more. Once the air cools, the pressure will reduce again which means that you will not get the desired reading. If you have to fill on a hot tyre, fill 1 psi more so that when the tyre cools, you get the reading you want.

Parking on a slope


While parking on a slope, it is very important to use both the park brake and to slot the car into gear. This reduces pressure on the brakes of the car. Other than that, if the slope has a curb, you should always turn the wheels away from it while parking as the curb will act as a cushion.

In case there is no curb, you should turn the wheels towards the end of the slope as shown above. In case the brakes stop working and the car starts moving, the tyres will go towards the curb and stop the movement of the car.

Fill fuel where truckers stop


Truck drivers travel the length and breath of the country delivering goods all over. Since they frequent the highway, they are aware of the good places to stop. Fuel stations where trucks stop means that the truckers trust them.

Since a truck driver needs to get the best mileage from his vehicle in order to save money, he will certainly fill up where the quality of fuel is the best. Also, these places will generally have better washrooms as well. Spotting a dhaba or road side food stall with a lot of truck drivers also means that the food there is of decent quality.

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