10 things you should NOT do, if you want to retain car's warranty

10 things you should NOT do if you want to keep you car’s warranty intact

Cars are complicated machines. There are hundreds of moving parts in sync that make the car run. Even though manufacturers provide a solid warranty on every new car, dealers can give you flimsiest of reasons to reject warranty claims. Let’s take a look at the reasons that can void your car warranty.

Irregular service

Service centre

Every car comes with a thick service manual which has details of the car service period. Different vehicles come with different service periods based on kilometres used or time. A car serviced on time gets newer parts and consumables, if not serviced on time, the worn out parts and depleting fluids can damage the car.

A timely serviced vehicle also is more reliable and has a high service value. For example, if the car manual says that the car should be serviced every 10,000 km or 1 year, make sure that you take the car to the service centre when you reach 10,000 km or after one year has passed since the last service. Else, your car’s warranty could be voided.

Unauthorised Parts


Many manufacturers are fighting against counterfeit parts. Such fake parts are available easily at a much lower price. The fake parts are of very low quality and are not manufactured with precision. If the service centre finds out that any part that is installed in your vehicle is not genuine, the warranty will be voiedd immediately. You can identify fake parts by checking the manufacturer’s hologram on it or buying it from authorised service centres only.

Electrical changes


Modern cars have a huge network of wires running through the body of the car taking information forth and back. These cables are extremely sensitive, and even slightest change to them can cause the major defect to the vehicle. Any changes to the car’s electrical wires, equipment or connections can cause an end of warranty. Even if you install a high-end audio system that needs changes to the electrical system of the car, it could cause warranty loss. Installing high powered lamps or changing the wire harness will also void the warranty. Installing headlamps more than the rated power can melt the wires too.

Making performance modifications


Manufacturers tune to the engine according to every part of the car. The maximum power determines the power of brakes, the size of the tyres and everything else in the car. Modifying the car to extract more power will void the warranty. Performance modifications include changing the map in the ECU. Performance can also be altered with a tuning box. External modifications like installing after-market exhaust system can also void the warranty of the vehicle.

Modifying the structure of the vehicle

Toyota Fortuner Limousine Featured

Structurally modifying the car can void the warranty straight away. Changing the car’s structure can potentially weaken the vehicle. If you change the car’s body to stretch it like a limousine or cut away the body parts to modify the looks of the vehicle will cause loss of warranty. Even installing an aftermarket sunroof can void warranty.

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