10 ULTRA cool ‘low rider’ Jeeps from across India

Lowering the ground clearance of any vehicle gives it an aggressive stance. However, in India, the lack of smooth surfaces can be a problem for lowered cars and that’s why people prefer cars with high ground clearance. There are a few brave ones who lower the height of their vehicles for that aggressive look and some of them are SUV owners. Here are ten such Jeeps that have been lowered in India.

Dabwali Jeeps


Dabwali is a kind of Jeep modification in the Punjab region that is quite popular. Here is one such Jeep modification that has been lowered and looks badass. The all-black Jeep gets a split windscreen and other modifications like aftermarket fenders. The lowered SUV gets aftermarket extra wide tyres giving the vehicle a hotrod look.

Amandeep Jeep


Here is another modified Jeep from Punjab that has been registered in the Maharashtra state. The minimalistic looking lower-rider gets its suspension from the Mahindra Bolero. The system has been modified to lower the height of the SUV and it sits much closer to the ground now. The low-rider gets dual-purpose tyres from Maxxis too.



Here is another low rider from the Punjab region that gets a funky and eye-catchy yellow paint scheme. The heavily modified Jeep can now seat only two occupants and gets tow hooks at the front. The modder has put Maxxis 760 dual-purpose rubbers on it to give it the ultimate look.



The hotrod Jeeps are quite popular in the American market. However, this is one of the few modified hotrods in India. The ex-Army vehicle has been modified with aftermarket tyres that look quite different and give a unique identity to the vehicle. It gets a bench seat at the front and the steering is positioned on the left-hand side of the vehicle.


Jeep Superman

This beautiful looking lowrider is again from Punjab and looks quite different from the regular modified lowrider Jeeps. It gets modern parts like LED headlamps, wide profile tyres and extremely low suspensions. However, the Jeep keeps its DNA alive.



The donor vehicle here is a Mahindra Thar and the modified example based on it looks quite intriguing. The capable SUV gets extra wide tractor pattern tyres. Other modifications include auxiliary lamps, off-road spec bumpers and a new exhaust pipe, which is now vertical and is mounted at the front, just like the tractors.



Willy’s is known for its extreme ruggedness and capabilities. Here is a Willy’s which has become a true vintage car and can be seen here in its modified avatar. The car gets new, much larger tyres. The suspension system has been modified too and the final product is much closer to the ground when compared to the stock version.

Windshield proof

Jeep Low Rider 1

Here is a bright yellow modified lowrider Jeep that looks quite stunning. The car gets a collapsible windshield that lets the occupants enjoy the weather. It gets a minimalistic approach and does not even get doors. It can seat up to four people while the chrome alloy wheels with Maxxis tyres give it a very sophisticated look.


Jeep Low Rider 2

Here is one of the best looking lowrider Jeeps in India. The SUV sports a whole new look with new off-road spec bumpers, LED headlamps and wider tyres. The SUV can seat only two people after the modifications but it sure looks fantastic.



Again, the last modified example here is from Punjab and it looks stunning. The modified low-rider gets LED headlamps and a pipe-metal front crashguard. It also gets extremely capable tyres.