10 unusual but ‘SUPER useful & affordable’ car accessories

Many Indian car owners make it a point to use a host of accessories to give their cars a personal touch. Some of these accessories can make driving your car a more enjoyable experience. Here, in this post, we take a look at as many as ten rather unusual car accessories that are very useful. Moreover, none of these cost too much. Don’t forget to watch the video version at the end.

Air ionizer

Price: Rs. 345 – Rs. 6,737

10 unusual but ‘SUPER useful & affordable’ car accessories

Going by the fast-rising levels of air pollution, it won’t be long before many road users start suffering from respiratory diseases. People have already started using air purifiers in their homes and offices to ensure they breathe in clean air. For your car, there are many companies that are offering ionizers as well as purifiers to purify the air inside your car’s cabin. You can purchase these accessories for as low as Rs. 345. Even the high-end, sophisticated models don’t cost anything more than Rs 7,000. You can buy them here: 1, 2

LED wheel caps with tyre pressure monitor

Price: Rs. 699

10 unusual but ‘SUPER useful & affordable’ car accessories

This is an interesting accessory that can help you make your car look better. At the same time, the LED wheel caps monitor the tyre pressure. These are installed on top of the tyre valves and have LED lights that make your car’s rims look like they are glowing when in motion. You can buy them hereLink

Solar fan

Price: Rs. 322

10 unusual but ‘SUPER useful & affordable’ car accessories

It’s no secret that many parts of our country witness excessive temperatures for many months, every year. On a hot day, even the most efficient of car AC systems have a tough time cooling the cabin properly. But what if there’s an accessory that ensures your car doesn’t get too hot in the first place? Yes, you can install a solar-powered fan that fits on the window of your car. Its job is to enable hot air to escape the car cabin and let cool air come in. This way, you can keep your car’s cabin temperature from soaring even when it’s parked under the sun. You can buy this accessory here: Link

Solar sun shade

Price: Depending upon the number of orders (Rs. 8-10,000)

10 unusual but ‘SUPER useful & affordable’ car accessories

This is yet another interesting car accessory that can help you keep your car cool. Essentially, this accessory works like an umbrella that protects your car from direct sunlight. The only downside is that it’s tough to find these things in India. That said, you can still order this accessory on an international website. The only problem is that you’ll have to buy too many of them. A smart way to buy this thing is to convince your car accessory dealer to make a bulk order and sell you one of these. Of course, he can always sell the remaining units to other car users. A win-win situation, you see. You can order this sun shade here: Link

Anti-gravity Battery

Price: Rs. 9,060

10 unusual but ‘SUPER useful & affordable’ car accessories

A drained battery while you are in the middle of nowhere is a nightmare that every car owner dreads. Those who travel a lot can keep this anti-gravity battery in their car. It costs roughly Rs 9,000 and can help you jump start your car, in case its battery is discharged. It can be also used to charge your laptop, ipads and mobile phones. You can buy it here: Link

LED signboards

Price: Rs. 4,000-7,000

10 unusual but ‘SUPER useful & affordable’ car accessories

Now this one’s a pretty interesting accessory. If you like driving in a group and repeatedly need to communicate with your friends, travelling in other cars, buying this accessory makes a lot of sense. Basically, you can use the LED signboard to display messages to the group members travelling in other cars. The message these LED signboards display is programmable. Moreover, you just need a functioning 12V power socket to run these things. You can buy them here: Link

For those who love to cook

Price: Rs. 6,561

10 unusual but ‘SUPER useful & affordable’ car accessories

This car accessory is a must-have if you love to cook your own food while on a road trip. Basically, this is a car cooker that can draw power through your car’s 12V power socket. This accessory isn’t very expensive and can be bought here: Link, Link

Mobile HUD

Price: Rs. 2,500

10 unusual but ‘SUPER useful & affordable’ car accessories

You don’t need to own a high-end BMW to have a HUD. All you’ll need is to connect your smartphone to this accessory and enjoy the convenience offered by a HUD. In fact, you can even have all the navigation details projected on your windscreen. This helps you keep your eyes on the road at all times. Brilliant, right? You can buy this accessory here: Link

Anti Glare

Price: Rs. 199

10 unusual but ‘SUPER useful & affordable’ car accessories

All car users should really have one of these installed in their cars. Most Indian drivers use high beam all the time, which gets really irritating for the driver of the oncoming car. You can install this anti-glare device on your visor, which is a reflective screen that prevents the high beam glare from bothering you. You can buy this highly useful accessory here: Link

Laser lamps

Price: Rs. 222

10 unusual but ‘SUPER useful & affordable’ car accessories

This car accessory can be really helpful in low-light conditions. The brake lights of your car double up as a laser light to help the driver behind you to keep a safe distance from your car. This will prevent them from crashing into your car, in case you suddenly apply the brakes. You can buy this accessory here: Link