10 wannabe cars from across the country

India is an expensive car when it comes to car buying. Our taxation policy is such that we end up spending so much more money than those people in other countries. Since people find it tough to buy high end cars but still have the desire to have cars that look like them. Here are 10 wannabe cars from across the country.

Hummer Thar

10 wannabe cars from across the country

The Thar is a very rugged vehicle. If you are looking for an off-road project car, the Thar is the only cheap offering which is still driveable on a daily basis. But it is pretty bare bones.

To give the Thar a highend look, this owner has decided to give it a Hummer styled look. The front now gets the hummer styled look and the Hummer styled headlamps, the bonnet too. While the Hummer is larger, the side profile has also been done to immitate it, the back too.

Mitsubishi R8

10 wannabe cars from across the countryThe Lancer has been one of the sportiest cars that India got. Its sleek looks, low seating, great handling and the massive mod potential made this car an instant success with the youngsters of the early 2000’s. If you had a Lancer, you were considered extremely cool. This meant that the Lancer ended up getting modified quiet extensively.

Here we have one example of a Lancer that wanted to be an Audi R8. The front lights, bumper, bonnet have been redesigned in such a way that they resemble that on a R8. Surprisingly, the mods don’t look hideous on the car though.

Maruti Spyder

10 wannabe cars from across the country

The 800 was the only hatchback on sale for India for a long time. There was massive demand for the car when it was first introduced. Though it is 3 decades old now, the car continues to be pretty well reputed and wanted by the enthusiasts. This one here has been redesigned to look like a cool drop top vehicle and it does that pretty well. It is only from the rear end that you can tell that this is an old Maruti. Everything else looks really nice surprisingly.

BMW Accent

10 wannabe cars from across the country

Each and every brand has some distictive design cues that help people identify with the brand. BMW has the kindey shaped grill which can easily be used to identify any BMW. This is so popular that there are many cars out there that have been modifed with the kidney grill to look like a BMW. If you look closely, you will notice that though the grill is similarly designed, the vertical lines have been replaced by angular ones now. Sadly, the mod doesn’t really help the car to look any better.

Lamborghini Elantra

10 wannabe cars from across the country

Lamborghini has been making great poster cars for a long time. These cars are extremely sexy and raw to look at. Since they are a very aspirational brand and not many can afford one, there are a lot of replicas across the world. This is one such example. This humble Elantra has been completely modified to look like a Murcielago. The headlamps, tail lamps and the other design features resemble that on the Lambo, however hasn’t been very tastefully done. The rear spoiler also looks like an over kill sadly.

Ambassador City limo

10 wannabe cars from across the country

There are a few humble vehicles out there that have been replicated as well. This one here started life as an Ambassador. Given they are very comfortable vehicles, the owner decided to convert the vehicle into a limo, to transport multiple people in style and luxury.

The vehicle has been redone to look like the City up front, be it the headlamps from the ANHC and the door mirrors from the dolphin styled City. Though the vehicle looks overdone, if some of the design elements like the fake vents were to be removed, it won’t look all that bad.

Bentley Cruze

10 wannabe cars from across the country

The Cruze is a really good looking vehicle. It is sporty and muscular. Since the Cruze is an enthusiast focused vehicle, there are a lot of modified ones all over the country. This one here has been modified to look like a Bentley Continental. The new front grill, the massive air vents on the bumper look a lot like the one on the Supersport.

Ford Transformer

Ford has been making really good driver oriented vehicles since the beginning. Due to this, there are a lot of enthusiasts who ended up buying Ford vehicles. This has also resulted in a lot of modded Fords in the country. This one here has gotten a wacko and weird look.

10 wannabe cars from across the country

We don’t know what the onwer wanted to do with the look of the vehicle. All we can understand is that he wanted it to look very futuristic with the scissor doors and that is something that this car manages to do pretty well. It will certainly grab a lot of attention on the streets.

Gypsy Zen

10 wannabe cars from across the country

This one has gotten a family update. While the Gypsy is a rugged outdoor vehicle, the Zen is a fun little car for the city. What happens when the two are mixed? Well this is the answer. This vehicle here is a Gypsy that has a front end from the Zen and it doesn’t look all that bad. In addition to that, this has also gotten 4 doors as opposed to the 2 that all Gypsys come with.

Maruti Liva

10 wannabe cars from across the country

The Zen is a fun little car and since it was one of the early enthusiast oriented hatchbacks, it has a lot of fan following. There should be no surprise that there are various modded examples of the same. This one here is a case of mistaken identity though. The owner, in a bid to give it a sporty look has replaced the front end to look like that on an Etios Liva. The bumpers too have been given massive air vents and a ricerish body kit.

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