10 Wild & Wacky, modified Hyundai Creta SUVs of India

10 Wild & Wacky, modified Hyundai Creta SUVs of India

Hyundai Creta has been a successful launch for the Korean brand in India. The compact SUV has gained a lot of popularity because of its features and the way it looks. To give it individualism, many have modified the vehicle according to their own taste. Here are ten modified examples of the Creta from India.

Black Devil


The Creta has a few muscles in stock form but what this owner has done is really outstanding. The Creta has received a wide body kit with flared arches, aftermarket bumper with a splitter. The grille has also been updated with new vertical slats. There are also auxiliary lamps integrated into the bumper.

At the rear, the car gets a new bumper with quad exhausts. The wheels have been upsized to 16-inches giving it a premium look. The vehicle gets side skirts to finish the look.


Red Passion


The Creta in cherry red gets a few updates to make it look unique. There is a new mesh grille instead of the regular with turbo badge on it. The car gets LED foglamp clusters replacing the regular ones. The bumper has been changed too. The Creta also gets aftermarket black alloy wheels and black roof.

The Creta Rover


Land Rovers are one of the most sought after vehicles for the SUV lovers. A Creta owner from Kerala did something to show that. He imported the grille of a Range Rover and then retro-fitted in the Creta. It does look good on the car. The car also gets aftermarket alloy wheels with wider tyres.

Kit Up!

Hyundai Creta Modified front three quarter

Here is a clean looking modification job of the Creta done by Kit Up! The white vehicle gets body coloured lower bumper with LED DRLs in the fog lamp casing. Also, the car gets a lower profile tyre and black aftermarket alloy wheels. The plastic cladding has been painted into body colour. At the rear, the car gets blacked out taillamps and fog lamps. Also, the roof has been painted black.

Hyundai Creta Modified rear three quarter



The Brown is an unorthodox colour for the Creta. The owner from Maharashtra has further modified it to make it look even better. The car gets an aftermarket mesh grille with turbo badge. The bumper has been replaced with a new, more aggressive one.

Wide body


Here is a Creta that gets wide body kit that adds muscle to it. The car gets flared wheel arches and aftermarket bumper with a splitter. The bumper also gets integrated extra lamps. The owner has also upgraded the wheels to 16-inch aftermarket alloys with lower profile tyres.


creta 1

The Creta shown here has been modified with a lot of attention. The car gets a new bumper with powerful LED lamps replacing the foglamps. There is also a new bull bar that actually looks good. The Creta also gets aftermarket rims that get red base paint with red outer highlight giving it an extremely good look. There is also a side step added to it.

Long haul

creta 1

The Creta can be a good companion during long journeys. Here is one Creta that gets additional equipment for long journeys. It can be seen with 17-inch gloss black six spoke rims with Maxxis All Terrain Tyres. The car also gets Thule transverse roof bars and box, Lightforce auxiliary lamps, tinted LED-powered tail lamps, LED strips alongside the foglamps, and towing handle.

creta 2

Lemon fresh


The Creta comes with a range of colours. But if you do not like the stock colour, you can always go for aftermarket wrapping option. Here is an eye-catchy matte Lemon shade wrap. The logo on the grille of the Creta also has been wrapped lemon colour.

White angel


This white Creta gets aftermarket bumper with new five-spoke alloy wheels. The simple modification job gives a new identity to the vehicle and makes it look real good.

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