100% electric cars by 2030 in India IMPOSSIBLE: Rattan Kapoor of ACMA

Rattan Kapur, the former president of Automotive Component Manufacturing Association (ACMA) has talked his mind to ETAuto during his farewell. The automotive industry veteran talks about the government’s target of making India only electric-car market by 2030.

100% electric cars by 2030 in India IMPOSSIBLE: Rattan Kapoor of ACMA

Rattan Kapur tells ETAuto that the government is yet to put a proper policy in place but from the statements of Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister of Road Transport & Highways in India, the government seems to be in the very serious state about the 2030 deadline.

He further elaborates about the policies by saying that government should not interfere with the technology to be used. Instead, the government should specify guidelines about the CO2 levels. The government should specify by how much percentage the CO2 level should come down in a vehicle. Gradually, the manufacturers will change over to 100% electrification.

Mr. Kapur also adds that it is impossible to go 100% electric by 2030. He says if India achieves even 30-40 percent EV fleet by 2030, it will be a big feat. The main concern about EVs is the price of the battery. Even though the cost of the batteries may come down in the future, there are many other challenges that will come on the way. He says India may become 100% electric by 2040.

Notably, developed countries in Europe have set 2040 as the timeline. China, which is world’s biggest consumer of electric vehicles is still deciding on a timeline to phase out conventional vehicles from the country.

Rattan Kapur has also shown his concern over government repeating the same things multiple times. The government first pushed for Euro 6 (Bharat Stage 6) deadline to 2020. Later, the government pushes for electric vehicles. Manufacturers have to make huge investments to develop new engines and technologies to comply with the government policies.

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