Over 100 superbikes on a group ride BUSTED for ‘non-essential travel’ [Video]

India has announced the Unlock 1.0 phase under which the businesses will slowly start across the country and the rules for the movement of citizens throughout the country will be relaxed. Seizing the opportunity and after staying confined inside homes for many consecutive weeks, people have started coming out of their homes in large numbers. In Bengaluru, Karnataka, the police chased and busted a group of over 100 superbike riders and issued a fine to them. Some of these bikes were even impounded by the cops.

The group of bikers went out on Saturday for a ride on the highway. However, the cops spotted them near Solur on Bengaluru-Hassan highway and flagged them to stop. The cops then argued with the bikers and booked them for travelling for non-essential services during the lockdown. All the bikers were called to the Solur Police Station and were made to wait for hours before the cops issued the fine.

A police officer told Bangalore Mirror,

During a lockdown, only essential travel is allowed. Additionally, we have received many complaints about bikers speeding. Those caught were seen riding way beyond permissible limits. So, following complaints, we decided to seize these bikes.
Bikers all around India go for rides on the weekends and due to the lockdown, no one could do that few a few weekends. Since the lockdown rules are now relaxed, the bikers gathered to ride on the open highways together.
Over 100 superbikes on a group ride BUSTED for ‘non-essential travel’ [Video]
A biker who did not want to be named said,
I don’t think we violated any lockdown rule. Is there any specific clause banning biking in a lockdown? We follow strict physical distancing and take care of ourselves. These long drives are called calm rides, as for some they help overcome stress,
A video, which has now become viral on the social media platforms also claims that the cops issued a fine of Rs 3,000 to every biker in the group. Also, the bikers claim that the cops spoke to them very rudely and asked them not to come out of their homes. All the bikers were given a fine receipt claims the video and there is a picture of the challan too.
The government of India has announced new relaxed plans that allow citizens to travel across the state borders. However, it is for the state governments to decide if they want to open the borders. India now has close to 2 lakh COVID-19 cases and the lockdown rules are being relaxed throughout. In the past, Karnataka Police seized thousands of two-wheelers and cars for breaking the rules after the official lockdown was announced in March. The seized vehicles were then released to the owners after verifying the documents and clearing the fine amount.