Meet 100 Year-Old Grandpa Who Drives 50 Year-Old Premier Padmini

100 year old grandpa driving premier padmini

We recently watched a video featuring a grandma from Kerala who holds a license to drive vehicles from at least 11 categories. Her name is Radhamaniamma, and she runs a driving school in Kerala. Another video has surfaced from Kerala, showcasing a 100-year-old grandpa from Kottayam driving a 50-year-old Premier Padmini.

The video was shared by Fasttrack by Manorama Online on their YouTube channel. In this video, we see C.I. Philip from Kottayam stepping out of a Premier Padmini. The report mentions that Mr. Philip is a retired banker and is 100 years old. If you ask him for proof, he’ll present the driver’s license which clearly states his date of birth.

Despite his age, the 100-year-old grandpa looks active and is seen doing his chores on his own. He drives almost 2-3 km every day in his Premier Padmini, as shown in the video. For someone who is 100 years old, Philip looks young. Mr. Philip got his driver’s license issued in 1973 and has renewed it several times since then.

In the video, Mr. Philip’s son can be heard narrating the story behind the Premier Padmini. The demand for this sedan was so high that they had to wait for almost 5 years before they took delivery. They finally received the car in 1973, and soon after that, many people approached them asking if they were interested in selling the car at a premium.

The car cost them around Rs 19,000, and many people were ready to pay as much as Rs 5,000 above the price of the car. However, Philip did not sell the car, and since then, it’s the only car he has ever driven. The car seen in the video is not the original Padmini they bought in 1973. The original car was totaled in a crash when a drunk person coming from the opposite direction crashed into their beloved Padmini.

Meet 100 Year-Old Grandpa Who Drives 50 Year-Old Premier Padmini
100 year old grandpa drives Premier Padmini

Fortunately, Mr. Philip and his wife escaped the accident without any injuries. A few years after the crash, Mr. Philip acquired the current Padmini. While this car was not perfect and had some issues with the gearbox and other mechanical parts, Philip got these issues fixed at a local workshop and has been using the car since then.

Just like old times, many people have approached him, including a cop who asked whether he was interested in selling the car. Philip is not willing to sell the car and wishes to drive the Padmini for the rest of his life.

Mr. Philip has a set routine where he wakes up at around 6:30-7 in the morning, does all his chores, has breakfast, and then takes out his car for a drive. He visits places including the church in his Premier Padmini. He doesn’t drive fast and he tries to maintain a constant speed while on the road.

Philip’s love for the Premier Padmini is quite evident, and his current driving license expires this year. He is eagerly waiting to get the license renewed so that he can continue driving his beloved car. We also recently saw 73-year-old Radhamani Amma driving a BMW Z4 and a Jaguar F-Type sports car on the road.