11 month-old Tata Harrier catches fire: Owner says he almost died [Video]

A Tata Harrier customer has shared his harrowing experience after his SUV caught fire. The owner – Maru Gamdu shared pictures and videos of the incident on the social media platform and has said that Tata Motors has not helped him in any way. He also says that he is a fan of Tata Motors’ car and almost died in the incident.

The details provided by the owner do not reveal how exactly his car caught fire. However, he has shared multiple videos and pictures that show the flaming Tata Harrier.

The videos and the pictures show the Tata Harrier parked in the middle of the road engulfed in raging fire. The incident took place about two months ago. However, the owner claims that the vehicle is yet to repaired. He also said that the car is only 8 months old and he took the insurance policy from the Tata dealership. Yet, they are not repairing the vehicle and giving him an insurance claim.

11 month-old Tata Harrier catches fire: Owner says he almost died [Video]

The owner also claims that he had no aftermarket accessories installed in the vehicle. It was in stock condition. It seems like that the vehicle caught fire while driving. The pictures also show some kind of leakage from the vehicle that has spilled over on the road.

Mr Maru Gamdu also says that he is a Tata fanboy and this is the fifth vehicle from Tata Motors in his garage. He also claims that Tata Motors is yet to call him regarding the incident and solve his problem.

Parked Tata Harrier caught fire

Last year, a parked Tata Harrier caught fire in Gujarat. According to the owner, he parked the car late at night and it caught fire soon after that. According to the owner, he was facing battery draining issue with the Harrier and sent the vehicle for a service as well.

The service centre had charged the batter and put it back in the car. However, it drained completely again within three days of service. The service centre then decided to replace the battery with a brand-new one. Tata Motors investigation shows that the fire was started around the bonnet area of the car, which is where the battery is placed. The owner did not give any update on the incident after that.

Modern cars have a complex network of wires. Any short circuiting can spark the fire. However, it is important to know that aftermarket accessories can increase the risk of such fires and one should completely refrain from using any kind of third party accessories.