11 year old Maruti Suzuki Kizashi beats Volkswagen Virtus GT in a drag race [Video]

When we hear “Maruti Suzuki”, words like performance, speed, and luxury do not usually come to mind. Maruti cars are known for being economical value propositions, with a focus on mileage and affordability rather than outright performance and luxury. However, the Maruti Suzuki Kizashi, an old D-segment sedan from the country’s largest carmaker that made its debut 11 years ago in 2012, embodies these terms very sophisticatedly.

Recently, the 11-year-old Maruti Suzuki Kizashi was raced against the current mid-size sedan segments performance champion, Volkswagen Virtus GT, and the results were shocking. The video of the drag race between the Maruti Suzuki Kizashi and Volkswagen Virtus GT has been shared on YouTube by Pratham Shokeen on their channel. The YouTuber is known for drag racing cars and over the years has shared some of the most epic drag races. In this most recent video, he starts off by saying that the Kizashi was one of his dream cars as a child, and he is extremely excited about this drag race.

He then begins with the introduction of both cars and describes the power specs of each of them. He first mentions that his Volkswagen Virtus GT is powered by a 1.5 L turbocharged TSI EVO engine that pushes out a maximum of 150 bhp and 250 Nm of torque. He then adds that the Virtus comes mated with a DSG DQ200 transmission. Following this, he shares the power specs of the Kizashi and mentions that this D-segment sedan is powered by a bigger 2.4 naturally aspirated petrol engine which generates a maximum of 180 bhp of power and 230 Nm of torque. The YouTuber adds that the Kizashi comes equipped with a manual transmission.

11 year old Maruti Suzuki Kizashi beats Volkswagen Virtus GT in a drag race [Video]

Following the introduction, he then asks the owner of the Kizashi and his friends for their opinions on which of these two cars will win the drag race. The YouTuber and the owner of the Kizashi then lineup both cars at the starting grid. The presenter tells the owner of the Kizashi that they will keep the air conditioners on and traction control off. The Kizashi owner agrees, and with the honk of the third horn, they both take off from the starting line.

In the first drag race, the Kizashi gets an aggressive launch and creates a massive gap between itself and the Virtus. Even after reaching around 180 kmph, the Virtus could not catch the Kizashi. Following this, for the second drag race, the Virtus owner asks one of his friends to leave the car, and this time the Virtus catches the Kizashi and leaves it behind. However, the owner of the Kizashi mentions that his gear got stuck. Following this, they line up for the third time, and once again, the Kizashi takes the win. For the last round, they agree to perform a rolling drag race, and in this race, the Virtus easily wins.

It might not seem like a big deal to someone who does not know about cars that an old Maruti sedan beats VWs latest sedan. However it is testament to quality of cars that came a few years ago. Despite being this old the car is still capable of running aside the latest and greatest from one of the biggest global carmakers and this is sort of a big deal.