11 year-old Maruti WagonR beautifully restored

Maruti Suzuki is India’s largest car manufacturer in the country and is a household name. They have several models in their line up. One of the model that has been present in the market for over two decades and is still going strong is WagonR. It is considered as a perfect family car and for its tall boy design and no nonsense design. Over the years, Maruti updated the hatchback to keep up with the competition. There is still some well kept examples of Maruti WagonR hatchbacks in the country. Here we have a video where a 11 year old Maruti WagonR gets neatly restored to its original condition.

The video has been uploaded by BROTOMOTIV on their YouTube channel. In this video, Brotomotiv Autobody paint shop and detailing center completely restores a 2010 model Maruti WagonR. The owner approached workshop for restoration work of WagonR which belongs to his dad.

The WagonR had minor scratches and dents at several places and some panels also had started to rust. The maroon colour which was a popular colour in WagonR had started to fade and the overall, the car was showing its age. The car came in for a complete restore and along with the exteriors, interior on this car was also customised.

They start with the exterior first. The dents and scratches on the body panels were first spotted and then the paint was sanded off from these spots to correct the dent and the scratches. While this work was being done, the interiors were completely taken down. Panels like bonnet, tail gate, doors were all taken down to get the dents straight.

11 year-old Maruti WagonR beautifully restored

Once that was done, a coat of body filler was applied to give the surface an even finish. The excess body filler on the car was later sanded off. The car came with dual tone alloy wheels. They had some scratches on them and the paint had also chipped at places. The team removes the paint and repaints the wheels in all black finish. The whole car was then taken to the paint booth and a coat of primer was sprayed on it.

For this WagonR, the owner wanted a royal or premium look, so the paint they choose was also premium. It is a shade of Red that is seen in McLaren sports car. The colour is similar to the original shade of WagonR but, was still looking premium. After spray painting the car, they started working on the interiors.

The plastic panels on the WagonR were all taken down and painted in beige colour. The cabin had a combination on brown and beige with some panels getting copper finish. The seats were redone and they get a custom fit leatherette upholstery, the roof liner was replaced and the door pads gets soft touch material with contrasting stitching. The brake calipers were finished in golden colour and overall, the car was looking brilliant.

They also installed projector style headlamps and LED DRLs in this WagonR but, the same is not shown in the video. A coat on anti-rust paint was also sprayed under the car. The owner was very happy after seeing his car and the work done on this car was looking neat. It was looking like a brand new Maruti WagonR that had rolled out of the production line.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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