12 BEST cars for Kashmir to Kanyakumari trips: Tata Tiago to Ford EcoSport

Most Indians buy cars for multiple purposes. Most families use a single car for daily commute and use the same for weekend trips. Driving long-distance on the Indian roads can throw a lot of different challenges like rough roads, sudden braking, avoiding obstacles at high speed and more. For long distance, people do prefer solidly build cars that are comfortable for the journey too. Which are those dual-purpose cars that can do the job of daily commute as well as take on the long open highways without a problem? Here is a car from each segment in India that can do the job well!

Tata Tiago

Priced between: Rs. 3.36 lakhs to 5.85 lakhs, ex-showroom, Delhi

The entry-level hatchback from Tata has become extremely popular on the market. The Tiago has received a commendable feedback from the customers for its solid build quality and comfort. The Tiago is available in both petrol and diesel engines and both are decently powerful.

The Tiago is also quite spacious that allows the occupants to move around during long drives. Also, the suspension set-up is not very soft, which means that there is minimal body roll during high-speed maneouvres. The Tiago’s high ground clearance of 170mm also helps it to negotiate rough roads easily.

Ford Figo

Priced between: Rs. 5.0 lakhs to 7.6 lakhs, ex-showroom, Delhi

The Ford Figo hatchback is quite an understated car on the market. The mid-size hatchback offers immaculate steering response that induces confidence while doing high speeds. The Figo also gets powerful petrol and diesel engines with good fuel efficiency that makes it suitable for the highways.

The Figo is powered by three engine options – 1.2-litre petrol generating 87 Bhp – 112 nm, 1.5-litre petrol (automatic) generating 110 Bhp – 136 Nm and 1.5-litre diesel generating 99 Bhp – 215 Nm. The Figo also gets a good set of suspension that absorbs the undulations without much problem and the ground clearance of 170 mm ensures that the underbody remains clear of any obstacles and potholes on the road.

Volkswagen Ameo

Priced between: Rs. 5.72 lakhs to 10.2 lakhs, ex-showroom, Delhi

The Ameo is the first sub-4-meter sedan from the German manufacturer and has been made especially for the Indian market. Volkswagen cars have always been known for their precise steering that causes less fatigue during the long drives. It is powered by a 1.0-litre petrol engine that produces a maximum of 74 Bhp – 95 Nm and a 1.5-litre diesel engine that produces 108 Bhp – 250 Nm.

The car also gets a 7-speed DSG dual clutch transmission that ensures effortless shifts on the move while the cruise control ensures minimal input on the open roads. The Ameo offers a solid build quality and remains firmly planted on the road even at high speeds, making it a perfect choice for long distance drives.

Hyundai Verna

Priced between: Rs. 7.79 lakhs to 12.54 lakhs, ex-showroom, Delhi

For long, Hyundai Verna has been criticised for its extremely soft suspension. However, the all-new Verna has addressed that problem and the car now has become much more stable at high speeds. Hyundai also offers powerful petrol and diesel engine options with the Verna, which give it adequate power for cruising on the long distance drives.

The Verna is powered by a 1.4-litre petrol engine that is available in 99 Bhp and 121 Bhp tunes. The 1.5-litre diesel engine produces a maximum of 126 Bhp. The body-hugging seats of the Verna ensures less fatigue during long distance drives.

Ford EcoSport

Priced between: Rs. 7.82 lakhs to 11.89 lakhs, ex-showroom, Delhi

The Ford EcoSport has remained one of the most sought-after cars in the segment for a long time. The EcoSport gets the true-blue Ford DNA, which means the precise steering set-up and the suspension set-up give it an advantage over all other vehicles in the segment. The EcoSport also gets the most powerful petrol engine is the segment and the 1.5-litre diesel engine offers a decent output too. The rear seats of the EcoSport offer the option of reclining, which makes sure that passengers in the rear seats get maximum comfort during the long drives.

Hyundai Creta

Priced between: Rs. 9.44 lakhs to 13.08 lakhs, ex-showroom, Delhi

Hyundai Creta has remained the best-selling vehicle in its segment since its launch. Hyundai recently updated the Creta and added the cruise control option to make it even more highway-friendly. The Creta offers powerful engine options that can be useful during overtaking maneouvres on Indian roads. It also has solid build quality and a high ground clearance of 190 mm keeps it clear of any obstacle on the roads. The Creta also gets automatic options with both the petrol and diesel engine options.

Toyota Innova Crysta

Priced between: Rs. 14.06 lakhs to 22.42 lakhs, ex-showroom, Delhi

The Toyota Innova Crysta has remained the top choice of the taxi-operators across India for a long time. The high volume MPV offers oodles of space that can comfortably seat 7 people and has powerful petrol and diesel engine options. The Innova Crysta offers a high-quality ride that ensures that the passengers enjoy the long distance rides on the not-so-smooth Indian roads.

Ford Freestyle

Priced between: Rs. 5.09 lakhs to 7.89 lakhs, ex-showroom, Delhi

The Ford Figo Freestyle is the latest hatchback-based crossover on the market and it is already outselling the competitors by a big margin. The Freestyle offers all-new 1.2-litre Dragon petrol engine and 1.5-litre diesel engines, which are quite efficient and powerful. The Freestyle also offers decent space on the inside to fit five adults comfortably for long distance journeys. Also, Ford offers segment-first Anti Roll Protection (ARP) which saves the car from toppling with up to 50kg load on the roof. It sure makes the car safe for long distance journeys.

Skoda Octavia

Priced between: Rs. 16.02 lakhs to 24.5 lakhs, ex-showroom, Delhi

Just like all the Volkswagen Group cars, the Skoda Octavia offers a high level of driving dynamics. The Octavia’s solid build quality, powerful engine options, features like cruise control and extremely comfortable seats make it a perfect choice for the long distance drives. The Octavia also offers the DSG dual clutch transmission, which reduces the effort while driving for long distances and increases the fuel efficiency at the same time.

Isuzu D-Max V-Cross

Priced between: Rs. 14.31 lakhs to 15.76 lakhs, ex-showroom, Delhi

The Indian market is not as crazy for pick-up trucks as the American market but still, the Isuzu D-Max V-Cross left quite an impression on the market. The Isuzu V-Cross offers a high-level of comfort for up to 5 passengers over long distances and the large flatbed offers acres of space to put in any amount of luggage needed for long-distance journeys. It gets a powerful engine and a high ground clearance to cross any obstacle without breaking a sweat.

Ford Endeavour

Priced between: Rs. 26.3 lakhs to 32.81 lakhs, ex-showroom, Delhi

Even though the Toyota Fortuner is the highest selling SUV in the segment, the Ford Endeavour offers a much better ride quality as all the Ford-branded cars. The Toyota Fortuner has a tendency of jumping around and the ride is very bouncy when compared to the Endeavour. Also, the Endeavour is built solid and is quite spacious with large windows and a panoramic sunroof that reduce any chance of passengers feeling claustrophobic during long distance drives.

Tata Safari Storme Varicor

Priced between: Rs. 10.42 lakhs to 15.3 lakhs, ex-showroom, Delhi

The Safari Storme Varicor has been around for a long time on the market and is quite popular too. While the Mahindra Scorpio gets all the sales numbers, the Tata Safari Storme offers much better rear seat comfort and has a better engine output than the Scorpio. The Safari Varicor 400 also gets a 6-speed transmission that allows it to cruise effortlessly on the open highways.