Watch a 12 year old Honda Activa scooter get beautifully restored

Honda Activa is one of the most popular automatic scooters sold in India. Honda Activa was launched back in 2001 and soon became popular among customers. Ever since its launch, Honda has sold over 2.5 crore units of Honda Activa in the country. It is the only automatic scooter in the country to have achieved that milestone. This is a proof that shows how much people love this scooter. Here we have a video that shows how a rusty 12 year old Honda Activa scooter gets beautifully restored.

The video has been uploaded by BROTOMOTIV on their YouTube channel. The video starts by showing the condition of the Activa scooter when it had arrived at the workshop. There were several dents, scratches, panel gaps and rust on it. Some of the panels were in really bad condition. The restoration work started with stripping down the scooter. Al the panels and components on this scooter were separated. Even the engine was separated from the frame.

After stripping the scooter, they start with panels. They start correcting the dents and most of the panels had rust on the surface. This occurs mainly because the paint on the surface was removed. These were restored by sanding the rusted area. Once the dents were corrected and rust was removed, a thin coat of putty is applied on those panels to get an even finish. Excess putty was removed during the sanding process.

After this, the panels were all taken to the paint booth for painting. A black colour base coat is applied on the body panels as they wanted a dark grey shade for the scooter. The components like engine cover, steel wheels, hub needed a silver finished and got a light grey colour primer.

Watch a 12 year old Honda Activa scooter get beautifully restored

Once the primer was applied, the base coat was applied on the scooter, As the primer was black in colour, one would not notice the base coat on it. The colour really stands out once it dries out. A layer of clear coat is also sprayed on the panels to give it a gloss finish. Some of the panels on the scooter that were in a really bad condition were replaced for new units. Once the body panels were done, other components like the rear shock absorber, brake levers, frame and other part were all painted in black finish. The wheels and grab rail on the scooter are all painted in silver finish.

After painting all the components, the scooter is re-assembled and the excess paint on the scooter is also sanded away and compounding is also done to remove the unevenness on the paint surface. The finished product however looks like a brand new scooter. It looks like the scooter had just rolled out from the factory floor.

Over the years, Honda Activa has changed a lot. Honda is now offering features like fuel injection, LED headlamps, HET, seat opener switch, idle start stop switch, silent engine start, side stand indicator and many features with the scooter. Honda had also launched BS6 version of Activa in the market way before any of its competitors.