12 year-old Maruti Alto restored to brand-new condition [Video]

Maruti Alto is India’s most favourite hatchback. It has been in the market for over two decades and the manufacturer has been making necessary changes to maintain the customer interest while meeting new emission and safety norms. Even today, there are several owners in India who own this small family hatchback. Alto is also a mod friendly hatchback and we have seen several modified examples in the past. Here we have a 2010 model Maruti Alto which has been completely repainted in Verde Ermes Green shade. This is a colour which Lamborghini offers in their cars.

The video has been uploaded by BROTOMOTIV on their YouTube channel. The customer had come to the garage for repair work and also wanted to repaint the car completely in a new shade. The car was not in its best condition, when it arrived at the workshop. There were several dents and scratches on the body of the car. The mechanic starts working on the car by dismantling panels. They removed the front bumper, grille, headlamp from the car. The bonnet had a very deep scratch and dent. The paint was removed from the spot and the dent was corrected using a dent puller machine.

The bonnet was removed from the car and the fenders were also checked for rust and dents. As the team started removing the panels, they spotted a rusty patch between the windshield and the bonnet. They removed the seats, insulation, dashboard, steering and every part from the car to check the situation from inside. They came across several panels which were facing rust issues. Patchwork was done on some of these panels while some of them had to be replaced. The doors for example had too much rust in them so, it was a good idea to simply replace them instead of repairing the old one.

12 year-old Maruti Alto restored to brand-new condition [Video]

Once they found there was rust issue in the front-end, the team completely stripped the car down to check each and every panel for rust. Once that was done, they painted the interior in the same green shade that the customer opted for. The metal panels were all repainted and on the outside. The body got a thin coat of putty to get an even finish. Excess putty was removed using the sander. Once this was done, the whole car was painted in black colour primer. Excess paint was removed and once they got a very even looking exterior, the car was taken to the paint booth.

The whole car was painted in Verde Ermes shade which is a shade of green colour that Lamborghini offers with its cars. The combination of black and green was looking good and the finished product was looking very unique. Verde Ermes is not a shade that one would see on a car that we usually see on our roads. The paint job alone has made the car look very different. The alloy wheels which were already there with car were complementing the looks of the car. This Alto is definitely a head turner and the finish on the car looks like it had just rolled out from the production line.