126 Bhp Hyundai Creta Diesel to get Rs. 1-2 lakh cheaper: Kia Seltos effect?

The Hyundai Creta 1.6 Diesel is currently available upwards of the SX trim, which means that it’s starting price is pegged at a hefty Rs. 13.65 lakhs, ex-showroom Delhi. All this has just changed as Hyundai has slipped in E+ and EX trims of the Creta 1.6 Diesel, trims that were previously available with the smaller 1.4 liter turbo diesel engine, which has outputs of 89 Bhp-220 Nm. The introduction of lower trims with the 1.6 liter diesel engined Creta means that compact SUV buyers in India will now be able to buy a 126 Bhp Creta for about 11.5 lakhs, which is a full Rs. 2 lakh cheaper than the SX trim. The EX trim of the Hyundai Creta Diesel 1.6 could cost Rs. 12.5 lakhs, which still makes it over a lakh cheaper than the SX 1.6 diesel trim. (These are estimated prices and Hyundai is yet to officially announce prices of the new trims) This variant rejig will make he Hyundai Creta Diesel 1.6 a lot more affordable, and also better placed to compete with the Kia Seltos.

Hyundai Creta Sports Edition 3

The Kia Seltos, which was launched a couple of months ago in India, has raced to the very top of the compact SUV segment, beating the Hyundai Creta in the process. The Kia Seltos has not just beaten the Creta but has also cornered big market share. Sales of the Creta, which were averaging about 10,000 units per month, have now slipped to about 6,000 units, and Hyundai dealers across India are offering hefty discounts of up to Rs. 1 lakh on the compact SUV. So, the time is just right for Hyundai to slip in lower priced E and EX variants with the Creta 1.6 Diesel as this would make the SUV more appealing when compared with competition. The 1.6 liter turbo diesel engine makes a class leading 126 Bhp-260 Nm, and is highly regarded for its punchy, smooth and refined nature. It’s available with 6 speed manual and torque converter automatic gearboxes.

On the 1.6 E and EX trims that are soon to be introduced, Hyundai is likely to stick with the 6 speed manual engine. The Creta is also available with the 1.4 liter diesel engine that gets a 6 speed manual gearbox as standard, and a 1.6 liter petrol engine putting out 121 Bhp-153 Nm. The petrol engine gets two gearbox options: a 6 speed manual and a 6 speed torque converter automatic. All variants of the Creta gets ABS and twin airbags as standard while the higher trims get additional safety features such as 4 more airbags, hill hold and more. The compact SUV has reached the end of its life cycle, and will soon be replaced by an all-new, 2nd generation version that uses the same platform and engine line up as the Kia Seltos. The all-new Creta will make its debut at the 2020 Indian Auto Expo, and will be officially launched in the second half of next year.