13 automatic cars with BIG discounts in India; Maruti Dzire to Honda Jazz

13 automatic cars with BIG discounts in India; Maruti Dzire to Honda Jazz

Automatic vehicles offer the convenience of clutch free driving in a heavy traffic situation, and this is making them popular among buyers. If you’re out in the market looking for an automatic hatchback or sedan, here are all the discounts that you can get.

Maruti Alto K10 AMT

Discount up to Rs. 45,000

The entry-level automatic vehicle from Maruti is quite popular among the youngsters. Maruti offers an AMT version of the Alto K10 that retains the fuel efficiency while offering convenience. It is currently available with Rs. 22,000 discount plus Rs. 25,000 exchange bonus.

Maruti WagonR AMT

Discount up to Rs. 59,000

The WagonR is one of the longest-running vehicles in India. The family hatchback is known for its spacious interiors. The WagonR is also available with an AMT option and it is currently on discount. Maruti is offering Rs. 30,000 cash discount on the car while Rs. 29,000 extra discount is available if you exchange your old vehicle.

Maruti Celerio AMT

Discount up to Rs. 50,000

The Celerio AMT was the first affordable AMT vehicle in India that started a trend. The Celerio AMT is quite popular in the market too. Maruti is offering Rs. 20,000 cash discount on the vehicle while Rs. 30,000 exchange bonus is also applicable.

Nissan Micra CVT

Discount up to Rs. 35,000

The Micra CVT is one of the cheapest CVTs that you can buy in India. Nissan Micra CVT offers more fuel efficiency than its manual counterpart. The vehicle is currently on discount and gets free first-year insurance. Also, Rs. 20,000 exchange bonus can be availed if you exchange your old vehicle.

Maruti Ignis AMT

Discount up to Rs. 30,000

The Maruti Ignis is a youthful looking vehicle that was launched last year. It is one of the cheapest diesel automatics that you can buy in India too. Maruti is offering Rs. 15,000 cash discount on the petrol AMT model and Rs. 30,000 discount on the diesel AMT model of the vehicle.

Maruti Dzire AMT

Discount up to Rs. 7,000

The Dzire has become extremely popular in the market after the all-new version of the vehicle was launched last year. The compact sedan is available with both petrol and diesel AMT options. Both the versions get up to Rs. 7,000 discount on the ex-showroom price.

Hyundai Grand i10

Discount up to Rs. 45,000

The Grand i10 is the cheapest automatic model from the Korean manufacturer. The car gets a 4-speed conventional automatic unit with the petrol engine only. Hyundai is currently offering Rs. 45,000 discount on the Grand i10 which are split as Rs. 25,000 cash discount and Rs. 20,000 exchange bonus.

Hyundai Xcent

Discount up to Rs. 45,000

The Xcent is the sedan version of the Grand i10 and is the second most popular compact sedan in India. The car gets similar engine options like the Grand i10 and gets the similar 4-speed conventional transmission. It gets Rs. 25,000 cash discount plus Rs. 20,000 exchange bonus.

Honda Jazz CVT

Discount up to Rs. 20,000

Honda Jazz CVT is a quite sporty car. It also gets paddle shifters, which are unique in the segment. The Jazz CVT is only available with the petrol engine option. Honda is offering first-year free insurance with the Jazz CVT.

Honda Brio

Discount up to Rs. 10,000

The Brio hatchback looks quite different in the segment and gets powered by only a petrol engine. Honda is offering first-year insurance at a 50% discount with the Brio. The car gets a 5-speed automatic transmission, which is quite advanced in the segment.

Ford Figo DCT

Discount up to Rs. 39,150

The Ford Figo is quite an underrated hatchback in India. The automatic version of the car is offered with a 1.5-litre petrol engine that comes with a 6-speed dual clutch transmission. Ford is currently offering Rs. 17,400 cash discount plus Rs. 21,750 exchange bonus with the vehicle.

Ford Figo Aspire DCT

Discount up to Rs. 36,150

The sedan version of the Figo is Aspire and it too gets similar mechanicals like the Figo. To attract more customers, Ford is offering up to Rs. 36,150 discount on the vehicle. The discount consists of Rs. 14,500 cash off and Rs. 21,750 exchange bonus.

Volkswagen Ameo DSG

Discount up to Rs. 60,000

Volkswagen is currently offering heavy discount on its first ever sub 4-meter compact sedan in India. The Ameo DSG is available with the 1.5-litre diesel engine making it a lucrative choice. Volkswagen is offering Rs. 50,000 cash discount plus Rs. 10,000 exchange bonus with the Ameo.


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