13 unique features the all-new Hyundai i20 has that its rivals don’t!

Hyundai just launched the third-generation of the i20 in the Indian market, which will be competing in the premium hatchback segment. Hyundai is known to offer a lot of features and equipment with their vehicles. This helps them to attract a lot of attention among people. With the 2020 Hyundai i20, the automaker is offering 13 best in segment features which we are going to list down. And none of its rivals including the Maruti Baleno and Tata Altroz offer these class-leading features.

Digital instrument cluster with TFT Multi-information display

Hyundai is offering a full digital instrument cluster with a TFT screen for the Multi-information display, which will show you various information about the vehicle. Only the Tata Altroz currently offers a part-digital instrument cluster, which is smaller than the one Hyundai is offering.

Bose premium sound system

Hyundai is offering a 7-speaker Bose premium sound system with the i20 which is the segment-leading. This is the first time that a sub-10 lakh car has offered a Bose sound system. Currently, the Tata Altroz offers a sound system sourced from Harman but that comes with 6 speakers.

Wireless charger with a cooling pad

Hyundai was the first manufacturer to offer a wireless charger in their cars. Now with the 2020 i20, they have upgraded the wireless charger with a cooling pad. This ensures that your phone does not heat up while charging and you can use it comfortably when taking your phone out of the wireless charger.

Eco coating

Hyundai has used, Eco coating for the i20. This technology helps in eliminating the bad odour from the air conditioning. Thus, providing a pleasant experience for the occupants inside the cabin.

Hill assist control

Hill assist control is a very important feature when you are driving on hilly areas. It helps in preventing the car from rolling backwards when you stop on an incline. Due to this, the driver can roll off forward from an incline easily without having to worry that the car will start going backwards.

iMT or Intelligent Manual Transmission

There is no denying the fact that automatic transmissions are expensive. Yes, you can get an AMT, but they are just not as good as any of the automatic transmission. Some people even consider them to be worse than a manual transmission. This is where iMT or Intelligent Manual Transmission comes in. Hyundai developed this transmission specifically to eliminate the lag that AMTs have while changing gears. In iMT the driver does the changing of gears while the computer engages the clutch. This significantly reduces the fatigue of the driver as he does not have to keep modulating the clutch when stuck in traffic. Hyundai is offering this technology with the i20 which makes driving the car in traffic stress-free.


BlueLink is the connected car technology of the Hyundai. Through BlueLink you can do various remote tasks such as engine start/stop, horn honk and lights, door lock/unlock, vehicle status check, find car location and much more. It also offers security features such as stolen vehicle tracking, roadside assistance and much more. You can even get an integrated smartwatch application for the BlueLink.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

The new generation i20 is the first premium hatchback to offer a tyre pressure monitoring system. You can see the tyre pressure of all the 4 tyres on the Multi-information display in the digital instrument cluster.

Over the air updates for maps

Hyundai i20 comes with a 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment system with navigation. The maps for the navigation needs to be updated which could be done by visiting a service centre, but with the i20, Hyundai is offering map updated through over the air updates. This means that you don’t need to visit a service centre, your car will receive an OTA update from Hyundai and the maps will update itself.

OxyBoost air purifier

With air pollution rising and COVID-19, there is a need for air purifier everywhere including your car. Hyundai is offering an air purifier for the cabin, which cleans the air of the cabin and also shows the AQI of the cabin.

Emergency Stop Signal

The emergency stop signal feature was started by Hyundai. It basically is a safety feature that alerts the driver who is behind you in case of sudden braking by flashing the rear lights frequently.

Multi-Phone Bluetooth Connectivity

Hyundai i20 is the first premium hatchback with which you can connect two smartphones at the same time. This means that the driver and the co-passenger can connect to the infotainment simultaneously.