14 % of Bangalore drivers bad, Indore has best drivers: Zoomcar Survey

While India does not score very high when it comes to following rules, a new survey finds that Indore drivers are the best in the country. The technology hotspot of India – Bangalore scores one of the least scores in this country-wise rankings.

14 % of Bangalore drivers bad, Indore has best drivers: Zoomcar Survey

A new survey by Zoomcar, a self-drive car rental company has revealed a study that shows the city-based map of good, average and worst drives across 22 cities in India. The scores were collected from Zoomcar’s proprietary drive scoring system. The data collected is between November 2020 and November 2021.

Indore scores high

14 % of Bangalore drivers bad, Indore has best drivers: Zoomcar Survey

Capital of Madhya Pradesh, Indore city scores the highest percentage of good drives. There were 35.4 percent good drives in Indore while Lucknow comes close second with 33.2 percent good drivers. Hyderabad city takes the third position with 33.1 percent.

Amongst the worst drivers, Mysuru scored the lowest with only 18.5 percent of bad drivers while Ahmedabad, Gujarat scored the second-worst with 14.8 percent and Bengaluru is the third-worst with only 14 percent of good drivers.

Zoomcar uses a unique 200 million data points to calculate the score. Various parameters like vehicle speed, engine speed, acceleration, brake, battery and tyre life and much more from its vehicles. External factors like bad weather or congestion on the roads due to traffic are also considered in the final score. Any event that is not in the control of the driver is not considered in this score.

The company then gives scores and ratings to the drivers depending on the data points. Any driver with a score of 65 or above is considered a good driver while those who scored below 50 are considered a bad driver.

Accidents in India

India sees one of the highest numbers of accidents in the world. Also, India sees one of the highest numbers of road accidents in the world. While the authorities and government are taking steps to bring down the number of such accidents.

To stop the road users from violating traffic rules, the authorities have installed cameras on the city roads and the highways. There are speed traps as well. Also, the police have started issuing challans based on the digital evidence from the like of CCTV cameras.

However, there is still a long way to go. In congested cities, most drivers become impatient and try to do reckless manoeuvres. As we know, Bangalore is one of the most congested cities in the country.

While the government is working to make new roads across the country, we feel that there should be measures to ensure that motorists follow traffic rules. Following the traffic rules and following the speed limits significantly reduces traffic accidents.

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