14-year-old kid driving Toyota Innova rams a 63-year-old man: Parents let off after Rs. 5,000 fine [Video]

14 year old kid rams 63 year old with Innova

Underage driving is one of the most common yet severe issues that India faces. Parents of young kids let them drive two-wheelers and four-wheelers on public roads without driving licenses and proper training. A lot of kids manage to pass under the radar, but some get caught because of their inexperience and mistakes. Recently, it was reported that a 14-year-old kid from Mumbai crashed his parents’ Toyota Innova MPV just outside the gate of the society with an autorickshaw. In the same accident, after hitting the rickshaw, he also managed to hit and drag a senior citizen from his society as well.

The incident

The video of this entire incident has been shared on X (formerly Twitter) by the Chandivali Citizens Welfare Association (CCWA) on their official page. It starts off with a senior citizen stepping out of a society gate at Nahar Amrit Shakti Road, Chandivali, Mumbai. The senior citizen can be seen followed by a Toyota Innova MPV driven by a 14-year-old. After the man exits the gate and crosses a parked autorickshaw, the Innova can also be seen taking a turn on the main road.

Soon after taking the turn, the young 14-year-old driving the Toyota Innova somehow loses control of the car and crashes into the autorickshaw. Now, after crashing, he does not stop and rams into the back of the unsuspecting senior citizen. The old man then tries to escape but gets thrashed by the Innova-driving kid. Soon after this, the kid can be seen fleeing the scene of the incident. In this process, it can also be noted that he drives to the left and then extreme right, trying to regain control of his car.

14-year-old kid driving Toyota Innova rams a 63-year-old man: Parents let off after Rs. 5,000 fine [Video]

A few motorcyclists stop after seeing this uncontrolled car. A few other passersby also come to the rescue of the old man. It was later reported that the senior citizen is a 63-year-old K. Subharaman, a retired advisor to a corporate law firm. It has also been reported that he has sustained some injuries and has now been advised bed rest for the upcoming three months.

K. Subharaman, in his statement to the Sakinaka police, has stated, “Around 4 pm, I left for a walk in the building opposite mine. The boy was driving the car. As it exited the building, the car hit me from behind and dragged me for a short distance. The car then hit the side of the road.” He further added, “The security guard helped me and informed my son and wife. They rushed to the gate. I couldn’t stand, so they called an ambulance. I was lying on the ground for over half an hour. I suffered injuries to my spine, specifically L1, and also in the hip area. I am unable to stand or walk. The doctors have advised me bed rest for at least three months.” Also Read: Famous YouTuber Rider Girl Vishakha buys a new Toyota Innova HyCross Hybrid [Video]

Aftermath of the incident

14-year-old kid driving Toyota Innova rams a 63-year-old man: Parents let off after Rs. 5,000 fine [Video]

The name of the 14-year-old driving the Toyota Innova has not been reported. However, it has been reported that the parents of the child have been penalized with a Rs 5,000 fine by the society. Additionally, Police Sub-Inspector (PSI) Prakash Vagare of Sakinaka police said, “We have not registered an FIR as the child’s age is 14 years, which makes him a minor. We have recorded the victim’s statement as well as that of the child’s parents. They have been forwarded to the CWC for legal recommendations. We are awaiting their report.”

After the accident, Subharaman also had some stern words for the parents of the 14-year-old who was driving the car. “The child and his parents haven’t even visited me to ask about my health. When I approached the Sakinaka police, the child’s mother came to the hospital to apologize to me. She also mentioned that her child doesn’t listen to her. Parents are equally responsible for the incident. The police should arrest the parents. Parents have a responsibility for their child.”

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