140 Bhp Force Gurkha Xtreme off roader DELAYED

140 Bhp Force Gurkha Xtreme off-roader DELAYED

The Force Gurkha with a lot more firepower – a 2.2 litre turbocharged diesel engine with 140 Bhp-320 Nm – has just been delayed. Instead of launching this year, the Force Gurkha with 140 Bhp will be launched only early next year. So, even if your local Force dealer is accepting bookings for the more powerful Gurkha, be prepared to pay up and wait for a few months at least. The higher powered version of the Force Gurkha will not only get more power and torque but will also get a range of changes that make it more comfortable on the road and capable off it. Key changes include a new 5 speed manual gearbox and a dual mass flywheel clutch.

The suspension of the off-roader has also received an overhaul, with a multilink suspension at the front and rear. The track is now wider by 40 mm, and this should contribute to a tighter turning radius – a particularly useful feature not only in city driving conditions but also off the road where tight turns can be taken much more easily. Ground clearance remains unchanged though, at a hefty 205 mm. Water wading depth of the Gurkha is rated at 550 mm, and the off-roader gets a factory fitted snorkel as standard, making it the only affordable SUV with such a feature in the Indian car market.

The current version of the Gurkha is sold with a 2.6 litre turbocharged diesel engine good for 80 Bhp-230 Nm. This engine is underpowered for the heavy SUV, and this is exactly the reason why the more powerful engine is hotly anticipated. The Gurkha sold now is available in soft-top and hard-top versions on the short wheelbase version, and a hardtop-only form on the long wheelbase version. While the short wheelbase version offers two doors, the long wheelbase version is a lot more practical with four doors. Also, carrying capacity of the long wheelbase version is higher, but it’s available only in a rear wheel drive guise. The short wheelbase version gets a four wheel drive transfer case.

Via Team-Bhp