15 year-old Toyota Land Cruiser LC200 converted into the latest model LC300 looks fantastic [Video]

The Toyota Land Cruiser LC300 is currently the most expensive vehicle from a Japanese car manufacturer in India. The LC300 was officially launched in India earlier this year, and it comes with a price tag of Rs 2.10 crore, ex-showroom. Even if one has that kind of money, it is not easy to simply go and buy this SUV. Due to its worldwide popularity, the Toyota Land Cruiser currently has a long waiting period (four years). In India, some politicians and celebrities have already bought this SUV. The SUV has also started to surface in the used car market. Here, we have a video where a 2008 model LC200 was neatly converted into a 2023 model Toyota Land Cruiser GR Sport SUV.

The video has been uploaded by Onroad Bodyshop on their YouTube channel. In this video, the owner of the Toyota Land Cruiser LC200 had approached the workshop to convert the SUV into the LC300. The owner himself had sourced the body kits for this conversion project. The interesting thing about this customer is that he had recently facelifted his LC200 into a later generation model, and now he wants to completely change the look into the LC300. As part of the conversion, almost every panel on the SUV was replaced.

They started with the bonnet, headlamps, fog lamps, bumper, grille, ORVMs, and even the tailgate. The rear bumper was also removed as the SUV was getting a complete makeover. The LC300, which is now available in the market, has a character line on the lower part of the door that is missing in the LC200. In order to achieve that look, a set of workers carefully created the character line using specialized tools. It was not just the exterior that was getting a makeover; the dashboard was completely ripped apart. The AC vents were removed, as was the stock infotainment system. Even the steering wheel was removed.

15 year-old Toyota Land Cruiser LC200 converted into the latest model LC300 looks fantastic [Video]
LC200 converted to look like LC300

At the rear, the split tailgate was removed, and the original taillights were also removed. The rear fender was cut or fabricated to accommodate LC300 taillights. The tailgate also got similar modifications. Once the fabrication work was complete, the SUV was taken to the paint booth, where it was completely painted in pearl white shade. Every panel on the SUV, like the doors, bumper, fenders, and bonnet, was repainted. The new LC300 panels were installed on the SUV, and the SUV was starting to look like the LC300.

The GR Sport front grille, LC300 headlamps, fog lamps, and bumper were all looking neat. Even the ORVMs were replaced as part of this project. The owner of this SUV had also sourced the LC300 infotainment system and replaced it with the stock unit. The steering wheel on this SUV was also replaced with a GR Sport unit. Once the panels were all installed, the SUV got GR Sport graphics installed on it, and the LC200 alloy wheels were also replaced with 18-inch LC300 units. Overall, the fit and finish of the panels installed and the work done on this SUV are commendable. It does not look like an LC200 from any angle. Although the workshop did face some challenges in this project, they managed to finish the conversion, and it looks beautiful. The workshop took almost a month to complete the project, as all the parts were sourced by the owner himself.