150cc Vespa Sprint Justin Bieber Edition automatic scooter launched in India at Rs 6.46 lakh

Vespa, the Italian luxury brand of scooters and mopeds manufactured by Piaggio, is renowned worldwide for its stylish high-end scooters. The company has also established a successful presence in India over the years. In a thrilling move, the company has now unveiled the all-new Vespa Sprint 150 Justin Bieber Edition. Priced at Rs 6.47 lakh in India, this newly launched scooter claims the title of being the most expensive Vespa available in the country. The Vespa X Justin Bieber Edition is set to be a limited-run model and will be brought into the country through the CBU route.

150cc Vespa Sprint Justin Bieber Edition automatic scooter launched in India at Rs 6.46 lakh

In terms of design, the Vespa Justin Bieber Edition is based on the 150cc Sprint scooter that the company offers in the US. This scooter, presented as part of the new limited edition, boasts an all-white aesthetic. The entire scooter has been coated in white, with ghosted flames also finished in the same pristine color. An additional noteworthy design element is the inclusion of white alloy wheels adorned with white wall tires, a rarity in today’s vehicle market.

The Vespa Sprint 150 Justin Bieber Edition will feature a TFT display with Bluetooth connectivity and app compatibility. Additionally, the scooter will sport full-LED lights both at the front and rear. Riding on 12” multispoke alloy wheels finished in white, the scooter will also sport a white seat cover and white grips on the handlebar.

Turning to the mechanical aspects, the new Vespa Sprint 150 Justin Bieber Edition will be powered by a 150 cc single-cylinder engine. This compact engine is capable of generating a maximum of 12.5hp and 12.4Nm of torque. Ensuring efficient braking, the scooter will be equipped with a 200mm front disc brake, a 140mm rear drum brake, and a single-channel ABS system.

150cc Vespa Sprint Justin Bieber Edition automatic scooter launched in India at Rs 6.46 lakh

In response to the launch of this limited edition Vespa, popstar Justin Bieber expressed, “I love Vespa, and partnering with such a classic brand is really cool. The ability to express myself, whether through art, music, visuals, or aesthetics, and to create something from scratch – it’s a part of me. Ultimately, when creating and designing, the goal is always to add your own unique touch.”

Reflecting on his initial experience with Vespa, Justin Bieber fondly recalls, “The first time I rode a Vespa was somewhere in Europe, probably either London or Paris. I just remember seeing a Vespa and thinking, ‘I want to ride one of those.’ And I had such a great time, feeling the wind through my hair, the sense of freedom. It was fun.”

Meanwhile, Diego Graffi, Chairman and Managing Director of Piaggio Vehicles Pvt Ltd, adds, “Vespa is far more than a mobility brand; it embodies art, design, technology, and fun. We are thrilled to introduce the collector’s edition of JUSTIN BIEBER X VESPA to India, a manifestation of creative drive, vibrancy, and vigor – values shared by both Bieber and Vespa.” Enthusiasts and collectors now have the opportunity to reserve this special edition Vespa through pre-booking, immersing themselves in the fusion of music and iconic design that defines the JUSTIN BIEBER X VESPA.

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