16 people permanently BANNED from driving: Here’s why

16 people in Hyderabad have been ‘banned for life‘ from driving, for repeat traffic offences. The Third and Fourth Metropolitan Magistrate Court of Hyderabad pronounced the ban on January 20th, 2018. This ban follows the new ‘points-based’ license cancellation rule that Hyderabad police announced in August last year.

16 people permanently BANNED from driving: Here’s why

V Ravinder, Joint Commissioner of Police – Traffic – had this to say about the latest development,

The offenders were found involved in more than three cases. Based on their conduct, they were banned from driving vehicles for life. Despite attending several counselling sessions at Traffic Training Institutes, some persons are repeating traffic violations.

Such lifetime driving bans may become a nationwide trend what with other RTOs in various parts of the country also recommending cancellation of licenses for specific driving offences. In the coming months, expect more such offenders to be handed out ‘lifetime driving bans’.

What is the driving ban all about?

16 people permanently BANNED from driving: Here’s why

Under the new points-based license cancellation system which was announced last year, Hyderabad police have assigned specific points for specific traffic offences. For example, drunk driving offenders lose four points while offenders not wearing a helmet while riding lose one point.

Similarly, there are points matched for each offence, and when a traffic offender loses more than 12 points, she/he is banned from driving for a full year. The next time the same offender loses another 12 points, she/he is banned from driving for 2 years, and the third time such a thing happens, the driving ban gets stretched to 3 years.

However, the latest move from the Hyderabad metropolitan court suggests that repeat offenders could also be ‘banned for life’ from driving a car/riding a motorcycle. Such a severe ban is meant to serve as a strong deterrent for repeat traffic offenders.

Driving is a privilege, and not a right. The road is a resource meant to be shared with fellow users. Not following traffic rules endangers the life of the offender as well as lives of other road users. 

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