16-year-old junked Hindustan Contessa retro-modified to look BADASS [Video]

Hindustan Contessa was once the cult car in India. Often touted as the first muscle car in the Indian market, the Contessa has been around for a long time in the Indian market. Well, there are many Contessa sedans that can be found a good condition with many car collectors. Most of these cars are in great condition too. Here is an interesting video from Modsters who have salvaged an almost junk car parked in an open area for a long time. Watch the video of the transformation job.

This Hindustan Contessa was found abandoned near a garbage dump full of rust. Every single body panel, interior and mechanicals were rusted. The good folks at Modsters decided to get it transformed and stripped the vehicle only to find more rust on the inside. All four doors and the fender of the car were unusable due to the rust. The customer wanted to rebuild the car at any cost. The team at Modster then made sketches to give the car a modern touch and new shape.

It received new parts at the front with welding and even a new metal bumper has been installed in the Contessa, which completely reshapes the car and makes it look modern. The car gets 17-inch alloy wheels from BMW 5-Series. However, they did not fit in the original wheel wells. So that had to be modified and the wheel arches were flared out to ensure a smooth movement of the new wheels. The new flares also add a muscular look to the sedan. At the front, solid metal V-Cut splitters have been welded in place. This shape is inspired by the vintage steam locomotives.

16-year-old junked Hindustan Contessa retro-modified to look BADASS [Video]

It also gets customised grille, headlamps and tail lamps. The exterior was given a paint job and it took an excruciating 400 hours to remove the rust, fabricate the new parts. The owner decided to choose the Porsche Midnight black colour, which looks lustrous on the car. The alloy wheels also get an all-black smoked paint job. For the cabin, the door pads had to be fabricated too.

The interior gets an all-new look with custom seats and leather upholstery all around with diamond stitching. The final results look extremely good and attract a lot of eyes. The shiny black paint job with red LED angel eyes do look sinister on the car. The colour of the angel eyes can be changed too.

The cost of the transformation job is not mentioned but if you want a similar job, you can contact them directly and ask for a quote!