RTOs To Get Mahindra Scorpio SUVs Fitted With Tyre Gauges To Check And Fine Cars With Poor Tyres

mahindra scorpio rto tyre monitor featured

In response to the escalating number of fatal road accidents caused by tyre bursts, Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) across Maharashtra are gearing up with a fleet of 187 interceptor vehicles, now equipped with specialized tyre scanners. The move comes after a surge in crashes attributed to tyre failures last year.

RTOs To Get Mahindra Scorpio SUVs Fitted With Tyre Gauges To Check And Fine Cars With Poor Tyres

The distribution of interceptor vehicles sees Pune RTOs leading with seven each, while Mumbai RTOs receive three each, with an exception for Tardeo RTO, which is set to get four.
According to an RTO official, these interceptor vans are designed with advanced technology to identify traffic violations and monitor vehicle speeds, aligning with road safety regulations.

The comprehensive suite of equipment onboard includes automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras for capturing vehicle registration, a radar device for speed checks from a distance of 1.5 kilometres, an alcometer to measure alcohol content in breath samples, a lux meter for brightness assessment, a tint meter to inspect sun film on glass windows, and a sound-level meter for decibel measurement. The cameras mounted on the vehicles can effectively detect number plates at a range of 500 metres.

A noteworthy addition to these interceptor vehicles is the introduction of tyre tread gauges, specifically developed to monitor compliance with safety requirements, ensuring a minimum tread depth of automobile tyres. This step is prompted by the observation that many accidents on the Mumbai-Nagpur Samruddhi highway last year resulted from the bursting of tyres on speeding vehicles.

When tyres get worn out/bald, they lose the ability to transfer heat from their surface. This results in them getting overheated, leading to pressures building, that eventually culminates in a tyre burst. This is why it’s important to scrap bald/worn out tyres and opt for new ones. A guage to check the tyre tread depth is what the RTO plans to use to determine if the tyre is road worthy.

The transport department has issued an order detailing the procurement of Scorpio Classic vehicles for this purpose. These vehicles are currently undergoing the installation of safety equipment and devices. Once the preparations are complete, they will be dispatched to their respective RTO offices.

This initiative reflects a proactive approach to enhance road safety, addressing a critical aspect that has contributed significantly to road accidents. The incorporation of tyre scanners on interceptor vehicles aims to curb accidents caused by tyre bursts, making the roads safer for commuters. As the fleet of equipped interceptor vehicles hits the roads, it marks a crucial step towards preventing accidents and ensuring a secure driving environment.

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