19 Superbikes SEIZED for stunting during lockdown: Bikers made to push bikes for over 1 Km [Video]

As the lockdown due to COVID-19 kept all of us inside our homes for months, the authorities are slowly lifting the restrictions in phases. A few days back we saw how cops in, Karanataka fined a group of over 100 super bikers for breaking the lockdown rules. Now Gurugram police seized 19 motorcycles after they were found doing stunts on the public roads late at night.

The incident happened on Sunday night when a group of high-end motorcycle owners met for a ride. Since the restrictions to go out have now been lifted in a major part of Gurugram, the bikers were not breaking any lockdown rules. However, they were doing stunts and high-speed runs on the public roads when the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) was crossing the stretch. The police officer then sent two personnel to deal with the bikers. However, the bikers argued with the cops and the DCP had to be called on the spot.

All the 19 motorcycles including bikes like Suzuki Hayabusa were seized at the spot. The bikes will be released after a court hearing and after the owners pay the challan set by the court. The police also issued a fine of Rs 17,000 to each of the superbike owners for rash driving on the public roads. The bikes are currently at the Sector 53 police station of Gurugram.

19 Superbikes SEIZED for stunting during lockdown: Bikers made to push bikes for over 1 Km [Video]

DCP (Traffic), Gurugram, Chander Mohan said to TOI,

I was returning home when I spotted a group of bikers on Golf Course Road. They were speeding and driving rashly. As long as people drive by following rules, police do not disturb them, but it becomes a problem when people violate traffic rules and endanger the lives of others on the roads.

The cops have also said that such violations of rules have increased in the recent past, especially due to the empty roads. Since most people are staying in their homes, many people are taking advantage of the situation and doing such high-speed runs and stunts.

All the bikers who were caught at the Golf Course road had bikes ranging from Rs 6 lakhs to Rs 15 lakhs, as per the cops. The bikers do not go around the town but were at the Golf Course road doing such dangerous runs.

19 Superbikes SEIZED for stunting during lockdown: Bikers made to push bikes for over 1 Km [Video]

It should be noted such empty streets often excite people who then try to test the top speed of their machines or drive dangerously. However, speeding on public roads can be very dangerous. It is not only the people with high-performance motorcycles and cars but motorists tend to speed in general on the empty stretches. Since the public roads, especially the city roads are not controlled environments, stray animals and even other motorists can suddenly appear on the road, which can cause massive accidents. Always be very careful and stick to the speed limits on the public roads.