19 year old builds car from scratch watching Youtube videos

19 year old builds car from scratch watching Youtube videos

No, we aren’t talking about a small remote control car or a tiny battery operated vehicle, we are talking about a full fledged working car here. The 19 year old that we are talking about is Prem Thakur. He stays in Navi Mumbai and roams around in his cool looking buggy. He can proudly claim that the buggy is his invention.


Prem is a 1st year B COM student who stays in Kharghar in Mumbai. Like us enthusiasts, he too was intrigued by cars. He has been a car enthusiast from childhood and had decided that he would build a car when he grew up. Obviously, doing so is not an easy task, even with engineering knowledge. He on the other hand doesn’t have any. So how did he manage to build a car? Youtube is the answer.

Prem says he learnt everything required to build the car through Youtube, watching DIY (Do-it Yourself) videos. Today you can come across a lot of DIY videos all over the net. From fixing cars mechanically, removing dents and even teaching you driving/ riding techniques, the internet is full of them all. If you have the patience and the will to do stuff yourself, the internet can certainly be very helpful, like in this case. However, skill is not the only thing required for such a job, funds are also needed for such a project.

Prem’s father is a rickshaw puller who earns a meager Rs 5-600 a day. Even then, his father got him a computer with internet when he was just 12 years old allowing him to follow his passion. His family has been very supportive of his dreams and helped him accumulate Rs 2.5 lakhs for his project.

Details on the car

Screenshot 2016-10-18 09-4

The car you see here has been built from scratch using a Hyundai Accent as a base. The engine and gearbox have been taken from it. The rest of it has been built by Prem. The chassis, its fabrication and welding was done by him. The body was also painted by him at his house. The vehicle in question is a 2 seater buggy that looks a lot like the purpose built race cars (Ariel Atom, etc).

Screenshot 2016-10-18 09-2

The build took him 4 months to complete, which isn’t a really long time. Not only is the vehicle cool to look at, it is also pretty funky on the inside as well. Prem has even managed to equip his buggy with a music system which has USB.


He now hopes that he can test the car on a race track and also become an Automobile engineer.