19-year-old son of a farmer builds ‘DRIVER-LESS’ tractor: Watch it operate [Video]

Yogesh Nagar, a 19-year-old from Bamorikala village of Rajasthan, is in the limelight these days. Yogesh, the son of a farmer, has invented a driverless tractor! As per the video you see below, Yogesh, who was studying in the town of Kota, had to return to his village after he heard of his father’s illness. Ram Babu Nagar, the father of Yogesh, used to complain of pain in his legs and stomach while driving his tractor. Upon return, Yogesh took over the responsibility of driving the tractor. 2 months later, he got the idea of coming up with a remote-controlled tractor.

Yogesh talked to his father about the idea of a driverless tractor. His father gave him Rs 2,000 to come up with a prototype. Soon, Yogesh could move his tractor forward and backwards using a remote. Next, Ram Babu raised an amount of Rs 50,000 with the help of his friends and relatives and gave the sum to Yogesh to help him purchase the components required for his project. Yogesh came up with a remote controller that can be used to operate the tractor from a distance of 1.5-kilometers. This remote can be used to accelerate, brake, and even change directions from a distance of up to 1.5-kilometers.

The young lad is now trying to get his invention approved and funded by the Prime Minister’s Make In India initiative. He wants to come up with a similar remote control that can help the Indian Army remotely navigate its tanks in challenging conditions. Yogesh has also invented an anti-theft machine that connects with the house owners if someone tries to break into the house. The young inventor has even designed a smart power saver that automatically switches off the lights when the room is empty.

We congratulate Yogesh on his invention and really wish he gets all the recognition he deserves.

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