1953 Royal Enfield Meteor 700 compared to Meteor 350 in a video

Royal Enfield as we all know is a very popular motorcycle brand in India and around the world. It is currently one of the oldest motorcycle manufacturer in the world who is still in production. They have a variety of models in their portfolio but, the most popular ones are Bullet and Classic series motorcycles. Royal Enfield launched their all-new motorcycle Meteor 350 in the market last year but, did you know Royal Enfield had a retro motorcycle with the same name? Unlike the current Meteor, the older Meteor motorcycle from Royal Enfield was a 70-cc, twin cylinder motorcycle. Here we have a video where both these motorcycles are compared to each other.

The video has been uploaded by Hitchcocks Motorcycles on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger simply talks about how different these motorcycles are from one another although they share the same name. He starts with the Meteor 700 first. Its exact name was Super Meteor 700 and was motorcycle that was in production from 1952 to 1962. The motorcycle looks like any other Royal Enfield motorcycle of that time.

The motorcycle seen here in video is a 1953 model. The motorcycles gets a rustic brown paint job on it had several modern features for a motorcycle that was manufactured 68 years ago. It did not have disc brakes at front but, it did come with dual braking system at front. It also came with a damper on the handle bar for better control.

Royal Enfield offered a saddle type seat for rider while pillion got a separate well cushioned cube shaped seat. The engine area was all finished in silver and chrome. The wheels were all spoke and the lights were all round. The headlamp had a small pilot lamp placed below it. The engine on this Super Meteor 700 motorcycle was a 700-cc, twin cylinder OHV, air cooled engine that generated 36 Bhp. The engine was mated to a 4-speed gearbox and gear levers are similar to other Royal Enfield motorcycles with a dedicated lever to slot motorcycle into neutral.

1953 Royal Enfield Meteor 700 compared to Meteor 350 in a video

Coming to the all-new Meteor 350, it is again a brand new motorcycle and when compared to other Royal Enfield 350 cc motorcycles, it is entirely different. Royal Enfield offers a new chassis for the Meteor 350 which has improved the handling, vibrations by a lot. The engine on this motorcycle is also redesigned. It is now a lot more refined than any other 350-cc RE motorcycle.

The video presenter was very happy with the overall design of the Meteor 350. The one seen in the video is the Fireball version which is the entry level model of Meteor 350. He says Royal Enfield has priced it quite competitively and if you are person who used to ride 500-cc Royal Enfield, you won’t miss the power as this generates decent amount of power. The Meteor 350 generates 20.4 Ps and 27 Nm of peak torque. It is mated to a 5-speed gearbox and it also comes with semi digital instrument cluster and Tripper navigation meter. Overall, the presenter was happy with the way Meteor 350 looked and more than anything, he loved the price at which it was being sold

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