1957 model Dodge Kingsway sedan restored to factory condition looks beautiful [Video]

Vintage car collection is a significant trend abroad. In India, although it is not extremely popular, there are a few car collectors who genuinely prefer classic and vintage cars over modern, fancy, and exotic ones. We have come across several online videos featuring such vintage car owners. Additionally, we have events like rallies organized by private groups for vintage car collectors from different parts of the country. Similar to exotic car owners, there are workshops that specialize in vintage cars. In this video, we can witness one such vintage car that has been meticulously restored to its original condition.


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These videos have been shared by Carsamachar on their Instagram profile. The video showcases a 1957 model Dodge Kingsway sedan in a deplorable state. This car was one among many classic cars in the country that had been neglected by its owner. Both the exterior and interior of this classic car were completely damaged, giving it an unappealing appearance. The exterior panels exhibited rust on most of them, and many were misaligned. The car’s interior was also damaged and covered in dust. In the video, we can see that the rear windscreen of the car was broken.

Restoring such a vehicle is indeed a massive undertaking, especially considering that the car was never officially sold in the country. Similar to many other cars, this Dodge Kingsway sedan was also imported, which can pose difficulties in finding parts like the windshield in the local market. In most cases, customers often resort to sourcing such parts internationally, which is an expensive and time-consuming process. The car in the video lacked seats, and we could also observe rusted floor panels.

1957 model Dodge Kingsway sedan restored to factory condition looks beautiful [Video]
Dodge Kingsway restored

The video does not provide a glimpse of the restoration process; however, the final result is truly remarkable. The sedan has been completely restored to its original condition. It is unclear whether the workshop used original panels or fabricated any parts. The bonnet of the sedan features a chrome garnish that has been restored to its original appearance. Similarly, the front bumper and the Dodge logo on the grille have also been restored. The chrome bumper has turn indicators on either end, and in the short clip, they appear to be restored as well.

From the reels, it is evident that the rear windscreen of the car has been replaced, and all the body panels have been properly aligned and restored. The tail lamps, Dodge badge, and chrome bumper all appear brand new. The steel rims have chrome wheel caps, and the entire car has been finished in a blue and white color scheme. The sedan looks exceptionally clean on the outside. Although not shown in the video, the interior has also been restored. It is worth noting that this is a right-hand drive vehicle, and the interior features cushion-like seats, similar to most cars of that era.

The Dodge Kingsway is a car manufactured by Dodge for export markets. The Kingsway name was first used for the 1940 models. Kingsways were essentially Plymouth vehicles with Dodge bumpers and trim. They were intended to assist overseas Dodge dealers in selling cars in a lower price class. Unfortunately, engine details for the Kingsway sedan seen in the video are not available. Nonetheless, the finished product appears incredibly clean and beautiful.