1961 model Standard Herald 948 convertible in a walkaround video

Standard Motors Products of India, an automaker headquartered in Madras, ventured into car assembly and emerged as a viable alternative to companies such as Hindustan Motors and Premier Automobiles Limited. Operating in South India, the company primarily focused on assembling and selling cars manufactured by Standard-Triumph, a UK-based automaker. They offered a couple of models in the Indian market. Some of the recognized models from this manufacturer are the Herald and Standard 2000. Standard also used to sell a convertible version of the Herald in the Indian market. It was actually a rebadged version of the Triumph Herald 948, which was known as the Standard Herald 948. It is an extremely rare car on our roads, and here we have a video that shows a well-kept example of this rare Herald 948 convertible.

The video has been uploaded by Vibes all day on their YouTube channel. The car, as mentioned above, is a rebadged version of the Triumph Herald, which was sold in the UK from 1959 to 1971. The manufacturer offered several versions of the Herald in the Indian market. The 948 was rare for multiple reasons. It was assembled in India for a very short period of time, and the number of cars sold was also limited. You may know the Standard Herald as a four-door sedan; however, the manufacturer also offered a two-door convertible version of the car.

In terms of design, the car came with a round headlamp unit with chrome garnish around it. The car also came with a clamshell bonnet. The video talks about the exterior and interior of the car and the condition in which it was kept by its current owner. The whole car was finished in a bright yellow shade, which went well with the retro design of the car. The front has a mesh grille with a chrome garnish supporting the bumper. The bumper on this car is body-colored, and there are turn indicators placed just below the headlamp.

1961 model Standard Herald 948 convertible in a walkaround video
Standard Herald 948

Coming to the side profile, the car looks extremely long, like many cars from that era. It has white-colored rims with chrome-plated wheel caps. The rear of the car looks extremely long with no fin-like tip at the end. The tail lamp, reverse light, and reflectors are vertically mounted at the rear. The rear also has a classic design like the rest of the car. As mentioned above, this is a 2-door convertible car. The soft top on this car is mounted using a couple of bolts and can be easily removed. The one seen here in the video does not have the soft top mounted on it.

The car comes with a bench seat for the rear passengers. Passengers can access the rear seat by tilting the co-passenger seat. The seats are all wrapped in red-colored upholstery. The dashboard has been redone by its current owner. The car has the same old steering wheel and stalks to control the turn indicators and lights. A set of additional switches has been installed on the right side of the dashboard to control the lights and other functions. As the name suggests, the Herald 948 was powered by a 948-cc, 4-cylinder engine that generates around 34 Bhp. The current owner of the Herald rents the car for marriage functions and other ceremonies.