1964 model Fiat 1100 Super Select sedan beautifully restored on video

Fiat was once a very popular automotive brand in India. From the mid-60s to the 80s, Fiat was one of the popular choices among car buyers in India, competing with brands like Hindustan Motors. Fiat cars were often preferred by young buyers because they looked sleeker compared to Ambassadors on the road. There are several well-kept examples of Fiat cars in India, especially the older ones. Here, we have a video showcasing a 1964 model Fiat 1100 Super Select sedan that has been neatly restored to its original condition.

The video has been uploaded by Kam Customs, a workshop based in Mangalore, Karnataka. The video demonstrates the restoration process of the Super Select sedan to its original condition. It appears that the car was completely stripped down. Given that the car is almost 59 years old, it would have had several dents and scratches on the body panels. To address these issues, the team worked on the body of the car.

The chrome strips on the sides of the car, chrome bumpers, and grille were all removed. While these components were being restored to their original condition, another team was focused on making the car look brand new. They completely removed the original paint from the car, fixed the dents, and applied a thin coat of putty to retain the original lines on the body. Once this was done, excess putty was sanded off, and the entire car was cleaned before being taken to the paint booth.

The interior of this car already appeared to be well-maintained, so only the exterior required work. In the video, the bench seats for the front and rear passengers can be seen. One of the major attractions of the Super Select sedan was its door design. The front door was hinged at the rear rather than at the front, as commonly seen in cars. The original doors were preserved, and the door handles were also restored.

1964 model Fiat 1100 Super Select sedan beautifully restored on video
Fiat 1100 Super Select restored

The whole car was repainted in a shade of light blue at the paint booth. The bonnet and tailgate were painted separately to achieve a clean look. Even the wheels retained their original chrome-plated wheel cups, giving the car a retro appearance. The interior of the car looked well-kept. The seats were covered with rexine or artificial leather. The ice grey and black colors on the seat cover complemented the overall look of the car.

The door pads on this Fiat 1100 Super Select were also redone. Wooden ply was cut in the shape of the door pad and then wrapped in leatherette material. The door pad was then fixed in place using screws.

The original grille, bumper, and headlamps were all installed, and the car was starting to look brand new. The car is powered by a 1,089cc, 4-cylinder petrol engine. It is rear-wheel drive with a 4-speed transmission operated by a column shifter mounted on the steering wheel. The finished product looks very neat.