Watch this 1967 Royal Enfield Bullet get beautifully restored on video

Royal Enfield is one of the most popular motorcycle brand in the country. The brand has a huge following for its retro looking motorcycles. It has been present in the market for decades and is now popular among motorcyclists around the world. Bullet was one of those models which had a huge demand in the market and later, RE built modern looking versions (Classic 350) based on the same model to stay in the market. Original Royal Enfield motorcycles are collectors items and there is still demand for such motorcycles. Here we have a video that shows how a 1967 model Bullet gets beautifully restored.

The video has been uploaded by Bullet Tower on their youtube channel. The video starts by showing the old 1967 Bullet which is in pathetic condition. None of the parts in the motorcycle were in working condition. The workshop starts to strip the vehicle down and once they had removed all the parts, they unmount the engine from the frame.

The paint on the chassis along with other parts is scrapped off and all the rusted parts were mended. Once that is done, the frame along with parts like front and rear fenders, side panels, were all given a coat of primer. Meanwhile, the whole engine was repaired and the brought back to life. Some of the parts like the silencer and fuel tank and rims were taken from a Classic 350. This was because the older parts were all rusted and could not be reused.

Watch this 1967 Royal Enfield Bullet get beautifully restored on video

The stock seat was all removed and saddle seats were installed on it with brown upholstery. The whole frame and other parts were painted and the parts like the head, fuel tank, side panels got a gloss olive green paint job whereas the frame and other parts were in black. The switches were all replaced and it even got a kill switch which was not available in the older model.

Once everything was completed, the bike was re assembled and the final product was a beautiful looking restored motorcycle. The people who worked on this motorcycle have done a commendable job and the finish on the bike is such that one might think that it just rolled out of the production line.

Over the years, vintage Royal Enfield, Yamaha and Jawa/Yezdi motorcycles have steeply appreciated in value as more and more people show an interest in these machines. Finding spares for the Yamaha RD350 and the Yezdi/Jawa range of two stroke motorcycles can be a challenge. Spares for most Royal Enfield Bullet 350s are easily available though as the sheer volume of the Bullet sold works to their advantage. Moreover, Royal Enfield Bullets carried on relatively unchanged for decades, making spares more easily available. So, choosing the Royal Enfield Cast Iron Bullet for a restoration project is much easier than say picking a Yamaha RD350 or a Jawa 350.