1979 model resto-modded Hindustan Ambassador Mark 4 looks beautiful

Hindustan Ambassador is a very special car for India. It was one of the first cars to be ever made in India. It ruled the Indian roads in the 90’s until modern cars completely took over the market. Hindustan Ambassador was an iconic car and was used by politicians and senior government officials across the country. Hindustan Motors (HM) stopped the production of Ambassador and shut down their factory in 2014 but, there are still several well kept examples of HM Ambassadors in the country. Many of them have been restored with modern features while some still remain the same. Here we have a video of a beautifully modified 1979 model Hindustan Motors Ambassador sedan.

The video has been uploaded by Dajish P on his YouTube channel. In this video, vloggers shows a beautiifully restored and modified Hindistan Ambassador Mark 4 sedan. The main attraction on this car is the paint job. It gets a metallic green shade on the outside which is an unusual colour of the sedan. Normally, we have seen people painting Ambassadors in white or Black shade. The front grille, bumper are all the same.

Ceramic coating has been done to the car to retain the gloss finish. The Headlamps, turn indicators are all the same. The owner mentions that the car actually belongs to his son-in-law and he lives abroad. The owner really liked the car when it was brought here and he started restoring the car gradually.

The engine in this Ambassador has been replaced. It came with a Matador engine but, it was later replaced with Isuzu diesel engine. They order the engine from Madhya Pradesh and it came to them via Chennai. The 1995 cc diesel engine generates 52 Ps and 106 Nm of peak torque. The gearbox used in this car is also a 5-speed unit from Isuzu. Coming to the side profile the car gets slightly wider 15 inch silver coloured aftermarket alloy wheels. The ORVMs are body coloured and are borrowed from Maruti Esteem.

1979 model resto-modded Hindustan Ambassador Mark 4 looks beautiful

It uses several components from other modern cars. For example, the steering and the wiper motor has been taken from a Ford. Overall design of the car remains the same and no other changes can be seen on the car here. The interiors have been completely redone and the car now looks a lot more premium than before. The dashboard is a custom made unit and it gets air vents from old generation Mahindra Thar.

The seats are all wrapped in genuine leather, it gets a Mahindra Thar instrument cluster, power windows, AC and many more. It gets a switch inside the cabin to open the boot, fuel lid and the bonnet. The boot opening mechanism has also been slightly modified. overall, the car looks a lot more premium than a regular Ambassador. The owner has managed to make it look premium without loosing its original character. Vlogger mentions that the car after all these modifications has become a lot more easier to live with. This car can be used as a daily drive vehicle. The owner can be heard saying in the video that he has several cars in his garage but, this one remains his favourite.