1985 Mahindra MM540 SUV Restored To Look Brand New [Video]

Mahindra MM540 restoration featured

A lot of normal folks, when they see an old car collecting rust and dust, think that it’s not worth anything. However, true automotive enthusiasts give such abandoned cars a new life by restoring them. Recently, showing how an old rusty Mahindra MM540 Jeep came back to life, a video has been shared online. In this short video, an old dilapidated MM540 restoration to brand-new condition has been shown.

This video of the Mahindra MM540 restoration transition has been shared on Instagram by Vandi Branthanmar on their page. It starts off with the shot of the old Mahindra MM540 covered in dirt, moss, and rust in front of a shed in the rain.

The next few clips show a person filling up the old tires which were flat after sitting for so long. Soon after this, we can observe a man entering the SUV from the passenger side door.

The interior also looks equally dilapidated as the exterior. However, in the next shot, the car is seen driving on the road. This suggests that despite being neglected for so long, the engine and transmission on this old MM540 were fine.

1985 Mahindra MM540 SUV Restored To Look Brand New [Video]

Following the shot of the car on the road in the rain, the video shows the same SUV after its completed restoration. We can note that it has been completely repainted and the new paint makes it look like a brand-new vehicle.

This particular Mahindra MM540 has been given the signature dual-tone paint job. In this scheme, the front and rear lower parts have been painted in a pistachio color. The rest of the car is finished in a white color.

This includes the hardtop and all the four steel wheels. The combination overall looks very beautiful and gives the car a lovely appearance. Sadly, no shots of the interior of this restored MM540 have been shown in the video.

Mahindra MM540

1985 Mahindra MM540 SUV Restored To Look Brand New [Video]

For those who may not be aware, the Mahindra MM540 is an iconic SUV which was launched back in 1985. It was in production till 2005 and was manufactured in Kandivali. This model was an updated variant of the revered CJ Jeep which was on sale for more than 40 years.

This model boasted a more rounded-off bonnet and other changes which made it look a little more modern at the time. The early MM540s came equipped with parking and direction indicator lamps on the 7-slat grille.

Later in 1989, the company redesigned the front end and moved the indicators to the fender to meet new regulations. The MM540 was also the first Mahindra model to have steel doors. This particular SUV’s iconic design continued for coming decades and today we have the Mahindra Thar which is a successor to this iconic SUV.

1985 Mahindra MM540 SUV Restored To Look Brand New [Video]

Mahindra MM540 Engine

Coming to the engine specifications of this iconic SUV, it came powered by a Peugeot-sourced XDP 4.90 diesel engine. This particular engine had four cylinders and a capacity of 2.1 litres. It made a maximum power of 62 bhp and 117 Nm of torque. It also received a KMT90, 4-speed gearbox, and a T18, Spicer, 2-speed transfer box (4WD).