2.5 crore Honda Activas sold in India: Becomes 1st scooter to achieve this milestone

Honda Activa is one of the most popular automatic scooters in Indian market. It was launched in the market back is 2001 and soon after the launch, Activa became popular among customers. Honda Activa has now achieved a milestone that no other two wheeler in Indian market has achieved so far. Honda Activa has become the first scooter in Indian market to touch the 2.5 crore units sales mark. This is the first time in the history of India two-wheeler industry that a manufacturer has achieved this mark. India is also the biggest two wheeler market in the world. Honda Activa is still a very popular scooter in the segment as Honda constantly keeps on updating the scooter to compete with other manufacturers in the segment. Over the years, the Activa has become so popular among customers that it now commands over 50 % market share.

2.5 crore Honda Activas sold in India: Becomes 1st scooter to achieve this milestone

As mentioned above, Honda had launched Activa back in 2001. Within three years after the launch, Honda Activa had become the best selling scooter in the segment. Activa became a trend setter in the automatic scooter segment and the demand for this scooter kept on growing. By 2005-2006 Honda had already sold 10 units of Activa in Indian market.

Speaking on the occasion Atsushi Ogata, Managing Director, President & CEO, Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India Private Limited said, “Since its launch in 2001, be it the 100-110cc engine, or the new more powerful 125cc engine, the secret of success of the Activa family is leadership that builds trust. Since 20 years, Activa is at the forefront of technological innovation, sometimes even a decade before it became the industry norm. Be it the Honda patented tuff-up tube and CLiC mechanism in 2001, Honda’s Combi-brake system with Equaliser in 2009, revolutionary Honda Eco Technology (HET) for 10 per cent mileage up in 2013, or even the smarter HET PGM-Fi engine powered by eSP and World First Tumble flow in BS-VI era; every generation of Activa brand continued to evolve, revolutionise the scooter segment and Activate India. We are happy to see that India’s love for the legendary Activa continues to reign supreme”

2.5 crore Honda Activas sold in India: Becomes 1st scooter to achieve this milestone

The Activa when launched in 2001 used a 102-cc engine which was later replaced by a bigger 110-cc engine in 2008. This engine was refined and even offered better fuel economy. Honda kept on making changes to Activa constantly to maintain customer interest. As part of the strategy, they started introducing new technology and features. Honda Activa reached the 1 crore sales mark by 2015 and the next 1.5 crore was achieved in the next 5 years which is actually a proof that people had not lost interest in Activa even after so many years.

Honda introduced features like fuel injection, LED headlamps, HET, seat opener switch, idle start stop switch, silent engine start, side stand indicator and so on. Honda also introduced the BS6 version of Activa (Activa 6G) in the market way before any other manufacturer did. They also expanded their portfolio by launching a 125-cc version of the scooter in the market. Honda celebrated 20 Years of Activa in India and as part of the celebration, they launched Anniversary edition Activa few months ago.

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