2.5 lakh Kms run Maruti Swift restored to BRAND NEW condition

Automobiles can last for a lifetime if proper care is given. Years of usage can cause a vehicle to get dents, scratches, and a few other bad spots that make the vehicle look old and ready for disposal. Here is a video that shows how really old vehicles can be restored by spending less than Rs 1 lakh. Here is a video that shows 2008 Maruti Suzuki Swift transformed into an almost new-looking car.

The video starts by showing the condition of the Swift. The vehicle has developed rust, several dents all around the body and numerous scratches. The video explains that they removed both the bumpers of the vehicle due to the several cracks on them. Post that, the workshop did the denting job. They tried to use a low amount of putty as possible since they can create problems later and brings down the overall life of the paint job.

After clearing the dents, the workshop applied a coat of primer on the car. This is to ensure that the vehicle’s body remains rust-free for years. This is a dual-tone paint job and the roof gets a contrasting black paint job. They first applied the paint on the roof and the pillars and waited for the paint to dry. Post that, they painted the body in Pearl White colour. The video says that this colour costs more than any other colour and that is why the whole cost of denting and painting is Rs 65,000. The other accessories installed in the car and the cost of the spare parts are extra.

2.5 lakh Kms run Maruti Swift restored to BRAND NEW condition

They also updated the tail lamps to add a new look to the vehicle. The lower part of the car gets anti-rust spray too. The clear coat adds a glossy touch to the paint job. The video claims that the life of this paint job is about 7-10 years. However, if the owner gives proper care, it can last even longer.

Such paint jobs are legal. Since the paint matches the original colour of the vehicle, there is no need to change the details in the registration certificate of the vehicle. However, the dual paint job requires endorsements in the RC. There are many who prefer using vinyl wraps to add a dual-paint look to the vehicle. That does not require any changes as the original paint remains untouched. To keep the paint long-lasting, always keep the vehicle clean and add a coat of wax every few weeks.

Maruti Suzuki Swift

This Maruti Suzuki Swift has completed a total of 2.5 lakh km on the odometer, which is quite much. Powered by a diesel engine, this Swift looks strong for a few lakh kilometres more. The video does not tell us about the condition of the engine or the mechanicals of the vehicle. However, the diesel engines last much longer compared to petrol counterparts. In Delhi-NCR, the government has banned the use of diesel cars older than 10 years and petrol cars older than 15 years. However, there is no such rule anywhere else in the country.

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