2 crore Porsche Cayenne SUV SEIZED from Gurmeet Ram Rahim’s Dera

Gurmeet Ram Rahim, the leader of Dera Sacha Sauda was in the top headlines a few days back. The fallen leader, who has been convicted and has been awarded 20 years of jail time has a bizarre taste in vehicles. Haryana Police, who has been cleared by the High Court is currently inside his Dera and has found a few interesting things.

But what interests us the most?

Apart from the lavish concrete jungle that Ram Rahim has created inside the Dera, he has a range of peculiar vehicles too. Most of us have seen his range of modified “exotics” which also includes a poorly imitated and colourful Bugatti Veyron.

Journalists who were given access to the Dera have also captured a Porsche Cayenne GTS inside the area. The SUV has been painted in gold colour and is said to be parked inside an aluminum frame with glass walls. It has not been established if the car belongs to Gurmeet Ram Rahim but with the way in which the vehicle is parked so carefully, it certainly points ownership to either Ram Rahim or someone from his family.

The vehicle was kept hidden away from the public eyes and came to the light only after the TV journos entered the Dera. The location of the vehicle is said to be close to Ram Rahim’s residence.

What about the car?

2 crore Porsche Cayenne SUV SEIZED from Gurmeet Ram Rahim’s Dera

The Porche Cayenne GTS seen here is one of the top-trims of the model available in India. The vehicle is powered by a 3.6-litre V6 petrol engine that generates a maximum power of 434 Bhp at 6,000 rpm and magnomious torque of 601 Nm at a low 1,600 rpm. The engine comes mated to an 8-speed transmission.

2 crore Porsche Cayenne SUV SEIZED from Gurmeet Ram Rahim’s Dera

The Cayenne GTS is pretty quick and can do 0-100 km/h in just 5.2 seconds. The SUV can hit a top speed of 262 km/h. The luxury SUV gets ventilated disc brakes on all the four wheels with painted calipers. The car is currently priced at Rs. 1.37 crore (higher pre-GST), ex-showroom. The special paint job costs about 8 lakh rupees. The on-road price after duties paid, is close to Rs. 2 crores.

What happens to the vehicle now?

In an interview, the Haryana Police has said that everything belonging to the Dera has been sealed. The search operation is currently going on and details will come up in a couple of days after the search operation concludes. The search has been cleared by Haryana and Punjab High Court. According to ANI, 41 paramilitary companies, 4 army columns, police of 4 districts, 1 SWAT team and one dog squad have been deployed for the massive search operation.

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