2 crore rupee Porsche 911, Range Rover & Mercedes E-Class SEIZED by the cops for driving without valid documents

Often high-end vehicle owners escape the fines and following the traffic rules because of their influential owners. In Ahmedabad, it is turning out to be a different story altogether. After a number of high-end vehicles were seized in Ahmedabad a couple of weeks back, the police department has started the crackdown on such vehicles again. This time, Ahmedabad Police have seized high-end vehicles like Porsche 911, a Land Rover Range Rover and Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

Seized Porche

The Ahmedabad Police officially shared the pictures of the seized vehicles on their Twitter account too. The crackdown started on Wednesday afternoon when a team of traffic police started their work at the helmet crossroad to catch the offenders. The cops stopped the silver Porsche driven by Kishan Patel for driving without legal number plates. After the cops asked for the relevant documents, the owner failed to produce them on the spot. The vehicle was seized at the spot and was handed to the Regional Transport Office (RTO) for further investigation. The cops detained the vehicle under Sections 196 (driving an uninsured vehicle), 177 (General provision for punishment) and other sections of the Motor Vehicle Act.

Ahmedabad Traffic Police Inspector GS Patel told Mirror,

As the car was not having number plates and valid documents, a case of rule-breaking has also been added in the memo. The case has been handed over to the RTO and after paying the appropriate fine, the car will be released.

The other two high-end vehicles that were seized by the traffic police team on the spot are the Land Rover Range Rover and the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. These vehicles had registration numberplates but they were modified. It is not known what kind of modification did the numberplates of Range Rover and E-Class had during the time of the police checking. However, there is a standard format for the numberplates that has to be used on vehicles across India. If the number plate is not according to the standard laid by the government, the vehicle can be seized. Last week, the traffic cops seized a Ford Mustang and a Range Rover for similar offences.

Do cops skip stopping high-end vehicles?

Seized Range Rover

Yes, since most of these high-end vehicles can cost close to Rs 1 crore, most cops do not stop them. Many high-end vehicle owners have well-connected connections with influential people in the senior posts in the government, politicians and even police officers. If the cop stops and argues with any such well-connected high-end vehicle owner, a transfer order can be handed to the cop. Due to this fear, cops let go of the high-end vehicles without asking any question. Since most of the documents checking are done by the lower-level cops, they choose to skip the high-end vehicles. However, in Ahmedabad, senior cops were present during the exercise, which is a definite confidence-booster for the cops.

Fancy number plates in India

Seized Mercedes

In India, personalised characters are not allowed on the number plates. This is why many choose to alter the registration numbers and make it a word. Also, there are many who use embossed or fancy fonts on the registration number plate that makes it difficult to read the number.

Many vehicle owners do not carry the original documents of the vehicle due to the fear of losing them. Without the documents, the cops may feel that the vehicle is stolen and they may seize it on the spot. It is always a good idea to carry the documents digitally in the Digilocker app. The government has made the digital copy legal and the cops can verify the same through another app.