India’s only 2 door Tata Indica is as crazy as it gets

Vehicle modification is actually an art and around the world we have seen several examples of tastefully modified cars and motorcycles. In India, we have several popular modification houses and we have featured some of their projects on our website too. We have seen not just great but, weird looking modifications in the past. Here we have one such crazy looking modification where a bunch of people have converted Tata’s Indica 4-door hatchback into a 2-door hatchback. This is probably India’s only 2-door Indica and it looks very odd.

The video has been uploaded by MAGNETO 11 on their YouTube channel. The video shows the condition of the car when it had arrived at the workshop. It also shows what all modification were done in the car to convert it into a 2-door hatchback. When the car had arrived at the workshop, the condition of the car was not that great. They had removed all the panels on the inside and the interiors were redone. The car was then chopped from the middle and the rear seats were removed completely.

After removing the second row of seats, the boot of the rear section of the car was attached back to the car. This has completely changed the way, Indica looks. It looks like an Indica from front and rear but, from the side profile it looks like an entirely different car. The vlogger even calls this project mini Indica couple of time. It is actually a mini Indica as it is shorter than the original and looks smaller too.

India’s only 2 door Tata Indica is as crazy as it gets

Once they had welded the car back they took it to the paint shop and the car was completely repainted. It was painted in silver shade which was the original colour of the car. The length of the front door has increased as the vlogger joined the rear quarter glass to the door. The door handle is now positioned under the quarter glass area.

The vlogger had installed new OEM headlamps, new tyres, wheel caps, ORVMs and restored tail lamps. The bumper – both at the front and rear were used. The bumper gets silver cladding on it. The wheel arches get black cladding and the door also gets custom made door beading. Vlogger also installed a custom made metal roof rail and roof mounted spoiler on mini  Indica.

On the inside, Indica gets an all-black cabin. The vlogger modified the interior by painting some of the panels. The dashboard now gets a dual tone theme with black in majority areas broken neatly with silver coloured panels. He even shows how the car looks from the rear. As the rear seat has been removed, the boot space on the car has slightly increased. Vlogger can be heard saying in the video that the body of Tata Indica was quite strong and they had a hard time cutting the car for this project.

Once the modification was done, the video shows mini Indica in action. As the wheelbase has decreased, the turning circle has decreased too. The weight has come down but, it still uses the same engine. Vlogger also mentioned that, if they had resources they would have tried installing an electric motor to this car. This modification would have made it into a peppy little car that is fun to drive but, is it the best looking 4-d00r to 2-door conversion. We doubt.